Rudolph’s Pain Train – 10.14.2020

We had another double-digit turnout this morning at #fort-pain! 11 PAX rose before the sun to take a ride on the pain train:
@Lone Star, @Mountain Mamma, @Peewee, @Pancreas, @Heidi, @Three’s Company, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Joey Freshwater, @Doggy Doo, 2Buck, and YHC.
5 Good mornings
High knees OYO
Butt kickers OYO
Little baby arm circles OYO
Slightly larger baby arm circles OYO
Some Merkins IC
Some Lunges IC
Thang #1 – Bring Sally Warm Up
Mosey to pavilion. Perform the following exercises up and down while listening to Flower by Moby:
Verse 1 = 8x jump squats + sprawls from a low squat
Verse 2&3 = 10x Bodyweight skullcrushers
Verse 4 = 12x Reverse merkins
Thang #2 – Rudolph’s Pain Train
Brosey back down the hill. Perform the following exercises until the train conductor blows the whistle:
Magical scooter ride
Jump squats
Lemon squeezers
Iron Mikes
Side-to-side bear crawls
Spider-Man high planks
Plyometric merkins
Mountain climbers
Big boy sit-ups
Thang #3 – “Yo Donnie there’s a freakin bear behind you”
Do the following circuit 3 times:
Multiply your birth month 2x merkins, or 1x sit-ups
100% (no really, 100%) sprint to the street light
Group walk back to recover
Thang #4 – Isometrics to failure
Circle up at bottom of hill. Hold each till failure, then go to next exercise:
Low squat hold
Low boat hold
Side push-up hold (right)
Side push-up hold (left)
Thanks 2Buck for guarding the glow stick
No, you can’t have my scooter
@Joey Freshwater & @Peewee (and maybe others??) cranked it out today even though they weren’t feeling 100%
Warpath on Saturday, 10/17. DM me if you’re interested in coming.
@Three’s Company has a “work trip” to the beach coming up.
2Buck and his wife will be deciding where to live. Pray for guidance.
@Cosmo as he figures out what’s going on with his back.
F3 Nomad’s young son recently passed away. Prayers for him and his family as they mourn.
@Doggy Doo’s father broke his rib recently. Pray for a quick recovery.
My son, is having tonsils & adenoids removed today.
“If we disparage, dishonor, or disrespect any part of ourselves, we will do the same to those around us. If we can practice radical self acceptance, we cannot help but extend the same indiscriminating acceptance to others.” -Chris Huertz
Each and everyone one of you is worthwhile, and I pray that you see yourselves that way! Sometimes it takes some work to like or even love ourselves. But that is what it takes to truly accept and love others.

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