Roughnecks   – 9/27/2021

PAX: @Bogo @Mulligan @Soul Glo @Cosmo @MapQuest @Pancreas (Nant’an) @Lone Star @Blackout @Offsides @Ginsu (YHC)QiC: @Ginsu
Conditions: ~50F, gloomy, clear, cool and crisp
PAX were advised to warm up OYO and be ready to start work at 5:30am sharpAfter opening brief, the 10 of us started out on our micro-event.  Each PAX carried their ruck and the group had 3 60#SBs as well.
  • Ruck ~.95 miles from Harvey to Basketball court at neighborhood playground
  • Beat Down
  • 25 4ct flutter kicks (rucks held in air) IC
  • Rucks on, 20 ‘Merkins OYO
  • Rucks off, 20 OH Ruck Presses IC
  • Rucks on, 25 squats
  • Grab SBs, ruck .95 miles back to Harvey
The purpose of today’s activity was to simulate how easy a rucking event can be.  By completing this micro-event, PAX should be fully prepared to tackle the next Tough event.  No excuses now.
  • Rolling Hills Church – Versus Conference 3 days from now, Thursday, 9/30 (@Offsides or for details/registration)
  • Pathfinder Class 030 starts Nov 1, @Cosmo or @Ginsu or for details
  • F3 winter gear order coming very soon, @Cosmo to provide details(?)
  • New Smyrna AO, like Columbia, Thursday 10/14 @ 5:30am
  • Gauntlet has been set for Sat, Oct. 30th.  This is Nolensville’s CSAUP (like Crucible), and is always a lot of fun
  • Grey Ghost 5K has reached out to F3SH asking for us to help put on the event.  They are wanting us to provide 25 volunteers for race day!  Sat, 10/23. Check with Hot Mic for details
  • TN Tussle Sat, Nov 6. Teams are forming up!  If you haven’t signed up and are in town, check with Heidi and get yourself signed up!
Prayer Requests:
  • @Soul Glo parents sick
  • @ToeJam new baby coming this morning
  • @Blackout dad had gall bladder removed, hopeful this was the cause of recent symptoms
  • @Fertile Myrtle new house purchase
  • All the other PAX with everything that is going on, all the physical issues, mental issues, etc, prayers for peace and protection during the time of attacks
We have access to an amazing God who can provide us with all we need, who wants to have a personal relationship with each of us, who loves us more than we are capable of understanding.  We should be turning to God for our needs as we see them arise, but we should also strive to have a deeper relationship with God directly.  Prayer is our conduit to God and the awesome power and love that He embodies.  YHC continues to fall short in prayer life and encourages each of us to make prayer an ongoing priority in our day to day lives.  Knowing God is there but only calling out to Him as a last resort is a silly thing.  Strive to increase prayer throughout each and every day.
It was great hearing all the mumblechatter this morning!
Thank you for joining me in the gloom this morning, great way to start off the week!
@Ginsu out.

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