Roughnecks – 9.20.2021

Despite all warnings, 4 PAX showed up to see if YHC was bluffing or not:
@Toomer @Offsides @Cosmo @Mulligan
QiC: @Ginsu
Conditions: ~70F, overcast, gentle refreshing mist near end of time
OYO Good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes
Fast ruck lap around half park (~.2mi/310m)Dora-ish style workout, maybe?
Partner Up, YHC was soloAll work done with Rucks on
Thang 1
  • Partner 1:  100 Endorphins (60/80# SB)
  • Partner 2:  100m Alt Suitcase Carry, swap hands @ 50m (35/50# DB)
  • Swap work every 10 Endorphins, rest if waiting for partner*
  • Each PAX completed 50 endorphins and ~500m carry
Thang 2
  • Partner 1:  160 Merkins
  • Partner 2:  160 Bent over Sandbag Rows (60/80# SB)
  • Swap work every 20 Merkins, rest if waiting for partner*
  • Each PAX completed 80 Merkins and 80 Rows
Thang 3
  • Partner 1:  240 Squats
  • Partner 2:  100m SB Burden Carry (60/80# SB)
  • Swap work every 30 Squats, rest if waiting for partner*
  • Each PAX completed 120 Squats and 500m carry
*there was no rest
Nothing new but here’s the recap:
  • Convergence is coming up in Franklin on Saturday, 9/25
  • New Smyrna AO, like Columbia, Thursday 10/14 @ 5:30am
  • Gauntlet has been set for Sat, Oct. 30th.  This is Nolensville’s CSAUP (like Crucible), and is always a lot of fun
  • Grey Ghost 5K has reached out to F3SH asking for us to help put on the event.  They are wanting us to provide 25 volunteers for race day!  Sat, 10/23. Check with Hot Mic for details
  • TN Tussle Sat, Nov 6. Teams are forming up!  Check with Heidi
Prayer Requests:
  • @Offsides daughter just got insulin pump. Working to get settled with new routine so alarms aren’t going off all the time (waking in middle of night, going off during school and embarrassing, etc)
  • @Blackout mom & @Hot Mic (Tribute)  dad passing recently, prayers for families
  • All the other PAX with everything that is going on, all the physical issues, mental issues, etc, prayers for peace and protection during the time of attacks
All of us are working towards accelerating ourselves, physically and spiritually.  As we build these relationships, go through these studies, strengthen our witness, we are painting a target on our backs.  The sad clown who is floating through life doesn’t attract the attention of the enemy. However, we are waving our building our forces and strengthening our resolve and the enemy doesn’t like that one bit.  So we have drawn his attention.  We are being actively targeted and attacked and the enemy is trying to weaken our resolve and break our spirits. This is the time when we need to double down and rely on each other for our needs.  We need to double down on our prayers to and worship of God.  We need to be prayer warriors for each other and ourselves.  We need to be like Job and have a steady resolve in the midst of the turmoil Satan is throwing our way.  Don’t be discouraged and lose hope.  Keep pressing and praying and following God’s teachings.
Thank you for sharing the pain this morning.
@Ginsu out

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