Roughnecks – 9.13.2021

6 PAX showed up this morning to start off their week right:
@Tiny Dancer@Hot Mic (Tribute)@Mulligan@Operation@Toomer (FNG David Shand), and YHC

10 (or so) Mountain Man Poopers IC
Willie Mays Hayes to right, then left
5 good morning OYO

Mini tribute for 9/11 in case anyone missed out on Saturday
– 500.25 m ruck around park
– 1 round exercise (see below)
– 500.25 m ruck around park
– 1 round exercise (see below)
– 1000.5 m ruck around park
– 1 round exercise (see below)
Exercises – 11 reps each: Ruck Row, Thruster, Ruck Swing, Squat, OH Press, Alt Lunge, Curl, Deadlift, Ruck V-up
(2001m total ruck, 9 exercises, 11 reps)
1 minute left – American Hammers to time

– Ghost Run 5k, Rippavilla, looking for volunteers, good F3 opportunity
– Smyrna AO launching Oct 14th:
– Many other events coming up, check slack for all the details (TN Tussle, Star Course, Convergence(?))Prayer Requests:
– @Hot Mic (Tribute) dad, prayers peace and blessings on family and dad during this time
– @Tiny Dancer M not feeling well, prayers for recovery and wisdom on cause and cure
– @Toomer M just got vaccine, prayers for no ill side-effects

YHC relayed story from Pastor’s message on Sunday.  Imagine you are stuck on island by yourself.  Island is full of traps.  There is also 1 lion on the island who is hungry (the enemy).  Flying over the island is someone in a helicopter who can see all the traps and the position of the lion.  You have a radio to communicate with this helicopter.  Do you just contact the helicopter for 10-20 minutes in the morning and then check it off your list as done for the day?  Or are you in constant contact, asking where the lion is and how to evade, asking where the traps are and how to survive?  This is how we should picture prayer.  Not a box to be checked off but rather something we should be striving to be doing continually through out the day.  YHC definitely related to this parable and needs to improve prayer time as a priority in daily life.

Great work this morning men!  Always an honor to work by your sides!

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