RoughNecks – 8.23.21

Take The Narrow Road
9 HIM shook off the soreness of Crucible to take a walk on the Narrow Path. It’s easy to take the Wide Path and miss out on some Tough sandbag fun courtesy of YHC. We got better, more humble, more focused. We gave ourselves purpose today.
PAX: @Hot Mic Tribute @Baby Gap @Three’s Company @Jalisco @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Ginsu @Lone Star @Offsides
QiC: @O’Douls
Good Mornings
Runner’s Stretches
Ruck up, snag-a-bag and let’s roll….a comfy pace around the entire park circle
Thang 1:
Toss ’n’ Roll
Continue mosey from the parking lot to the flag circle, dismount bags and proceed with a little game of Circle Toss. @Ginsu discovered quickly that the soft side bag doesn’t catch a good roll after a toss. But YHC got come @PrimeTime Kwame inspired finger roll going on the 80# and it rolled over like a dog in front of a fire.
Thang 2:
Happy Birthday Brooks
Saddle up and follow @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck pace to the lonely picnic table hill. Waiting for us there was @Foosball (3rdFQ) 80#. Since he was celebrating Brooks’ birthday, we decided to follow suit. The 80# did a great job subbing in for Brooks, and we each took him on an overhead hold b’day ride up and down the hill one at a time. PAX took off their Rucks and completed AMRAP of Curls, Bent Over Rows and Thrusters while each HIM did his best to give Brooks a fun trip. And, as most kid’s parties do, it started to drag so last 3 trips were doubled up. So some of his friends got rides too.
Thang 3:
The Farmer in the Bag
Ruck up and Snag-a-Bag while @Hot Mic Tribute set a brisk pace around the pavilion and back to the parking lot. PAX lined up all the bags neatly, and YHC prompts removed 4 60# and set them 2×2. Time for 120# Farmer’s Carry kids, to the bush and back. @Ginsu and YHC set a blistering pace. Middle crowd showed some promise. @Baby Gap calmly schooled us all….”I just did this last week” as he rolls in not even breathing heavy. Mad props bro.
Finishing Mosey:
@Ginsu was given the opportunity to demonstrate what kind the Ruck-inator can do when challenged to set the pace. Wow. Some of had to shuffle to keep up with his speedy stems. They were truckin’ and we all worked hard to stay with him. So worth it to be challenged like that.
2 Minutes of Al Gore till time (half to rest and half to work….ok all to rest….let’s be real)
#ao-tribute begins tomorrow. @Hot Mic Tribute paced the perimeter when we were done and had that twinkle in his eye…y’all be afraid
Registration is still open for the 9/11 Tough, discount lasts through 8/27
Planning in process for Star Course, see @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck for deets
Prayer Requests:
Our TN neighbors in Waverly and Humphreys County
Our friends and countrymen in harm’s way overseas
Our fellow PAX as they struggle, grow, accelerate, and succeed.
The Narrow and Wide Gates – Matthew 7:13-14
13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
We are challenged as Christ followers to remember that living a life for Christ involves choosing the difficult narrow road, not the easier wide road. Late in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus drops a short 3 sentence comparison of two distinct ways to live. Much like his later illustration of the house built on rock vs sand, Jesus depicts our choices as simple to understand but difficult to undertake. As we #M2A, we must remember that we are entering though the Small Gate each time we get up and post; each time we prioritize and care for our M and our 2.0s; each time we glorify God with our words and actions.
Christ invites us to live His way, according to His commands. And he then very specifically refers immediately back to his previous statement in the Sermon of seek and you will find. The act of FINDING implies that we engage in our choices with intentionality, discipline, deliberateness. We have to work at discovering the godly pursuits that will lead us to righteousness and acceleration. We have to choose the narrow road.
I attend COTC in Franklin, and our senior pastor is currently in a 5-part series highlighting the Vision, Mission, and Values of the church. Yesterday he turned the Values concept on its ear and has reframed them as Pursuits instead. As he put it, Values are passive demonstrations of our faith. Pursuits are active demonstrations of our faith. May we listen to Jesus and actively pursue living for Christ along the narrow road.
It was a pleasure to lead you today, men. Thank you so much for walking the path with me.
O’Douls out

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