Roughnecks 20 Mile Overnight Ruck

Conditions: Clear weather, humidity was tolerable, some might even say nice, temps started in mid 80s and ended in low 70s, perfect rucking weather!

PAX: @Cosmo, @Rudolph, @Blackout, @Blue Buffalo, @O’Douls & @Ginsu (YHC)

Saturday, Jun 26, 20:30. 6 HIMs met at Publix in Spring Hill to embark on an epic journey of 20 miles through the scenic neighborhoods of Spring Hill, TN. Most, if not all, HIMs have already put in a full day by this point, Pre-party Rucks, Convergence, Armory, normal life. Even so, they decided to make the choice to do the difficult thing and push the difficulty line further forward.

Journey began with the first 5 mile segment routing us through Autumn Ridge, crossing HWY 31, continuing north past Longview and back to our start point. Spirits were high and mumble chatter was flowing. @Rudolph brought his speaker and was our personal DJ throughout the evening. We made our time hack and completed loop 1 in 1.5 hours. The reward was 15 minutes of R&R in the parking lot before beginning our next loop.

5 mile segment 2 took us east down Campbell station, south down Port Royal, back north on St Hubbins (which started as Portview) and then west on Campbell Station back to our start point. Near the beginning of this loop, we had our first casualty with @Blue Buffalo encountering technical difficulties that required him to prevac. We were saddened by the loss but further steeled to push on and complete this epic journey. Mumble chatter was still flowing and spirits were generally high. It was in this segment however, that we began to notice the unexplainable topographical anomaly of Spring Hill in that all roads are up hill. We again made our time hack and again were rewarded with 15 minutes of R&R.

5 mile segment 3 took up past Lowes through Belshire, across HWY 31, south on Miles to Duplex, then north through neighborhoods to get back to St Hubbins/Campbell Station left on O’Hallorn Dr and across HWY 31 to our start point. Before starting this segment, it was discussed that this would likely be the toughest mental segment as we still had one more to go after. Tiredness was setting in and mumble chatter was still present but more sporadic. HIMs seemed to be facing and tackling their own internal mental walls to summon strength to continue pressing forward on this epic journey. The segment further proved the anomaly that uphill seems to be more prevalent than downhill. Despite our tiring muscles, sweat drenched rucks and clothing, we once again met our time hack and were rewarded with 15 minutes of R&R.

During this 3rd and final R&R, spirits were up as we knew we were in the 4th quarter. Our feet were sore, legs tired, shoulders weary, but we could see the finish line, just 5 miles away. For many of the HIMs, this was entering new territory. This final segment would push them farther than any previous journey and ultimately become the longest journey completed in one go.

R&R time over, we loaded back up and steeled ourselves for the final 5 mile segment. This took us behind Marshall’s, through Tanyard Springs, across HWY 31, east on Buckner, South on Augustine, and west on Stewart Campbell/Campbell station back to our start point. Mumble chatter started strong but gradually decreased. The HIMs knew this was the final leg but it was still a long way to go on tired feet and muscles that were well fatigued. We took turns picking songs as Rudolph continued DJ’ing for us. We were winning our mental battle, worn and weary, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they wouldn’t finish. We continued down St Augustine for what felt like an eternity, passing house after house, the landscape blurring into a monotonous scene. Finally, we made it to Stewart Campbell. Less than 2 miles to go. Spirits buoyed and while there wasn’t much left to add spring to our steps, mubble chatter picked back up. We were close. We knew it. We were going to finish. We climbed hill after hill and finally, the traffic lights at HWY 31 could be seen flashing ahead. We hastened our pace, stopped in the intersection for a quick selfie, then pushed through to what was now our end point. We again made the time hack. We were done!

20 miles, 6 hours, 18:00 avg pace. It was an epic journey and all of us, while sore, are better for pushing through and doing the hard thing on this Saturday night/Sunday morning when most others were snuggled happily in their beds.

We finished the evening with a final R&R, finishing photo, some mubble chatter and congratulations to each other. Then, we dispersed and went home to sooth our muscles and get some well earned rest.

TClaps to @Blackout  & @O’Douls for persevering and pressing through the mental and physical to complete this route. TClaps to @Cosmo and @Rudolph for pushing themselves and completing their longest route to date. TClaps to @Blue Buffalo for starting this journey with us, we missed you at this finish line but look forward to seeing you cross it with us next time!

HIMs, it was an honor to participate and complete this journey with you! Thank you for making it as epic as it was!

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