Roughnecks – 2.07.22

Pax: @Ginsu @Chowdah@Offsides@Lone Star@Three’s Company@Pancreas@Night Light
FNGs: 0
Q: @Jalisco
CONDITIONS : Below freezing =good for F3
Introduction, Disclaimer, Meaning, Core Principles
pre party ruck around the park
WOD in honor of Cadre Roony from GORUCK
Start 400 mts. Ruck
5 sets (ruck on)
75 mountain climbers (4ct)
75 squats
75 flutter kicks (4ct) ruck over head
75overhead claps
200 mts. Ruck after each set.
I think only @Chowdah and @Lone Star complete 4sets
26th – 10 mile ruck blackops
Franklin convergence
Pre rosary at #ao-battle-creek this Friday with @Tiny Dancer
Prayer Requests:
@MapQuest family specially his M.
Our friend @Billy Madison
@Jalisco frustration at work and overwhelming felling
@Chowdah M health.
On this times we leave sumerge in our screens devices (phones) and often if not daily we miss the one of the most important things in life, the CONECTION with our love ones, this kind of distracción could be the one can destroy our life with our families, I was encouraged by @Three’s Company when he mentioned he is trying to food a weekends without screen, then I was guilty that on Saturday one of my 2.0’s ask me for help with something and I was kind a upset because I was on my “social media time” after he look at me and said when I going to be done playing with my phone and play to them it just hit me in the jaw.
Enjoy your time with your family without your phone, that picture or video is not important like the one is going the be save on their memories forever, encourage everyone to do screen free time in life and embrace that with discipline for better.
Close prayer : Lord thank you for today for let us be awake and enjoy what you create for us. Thank you for each pax on this group and specially for the ones are her with me today ( name each pax loud ) Amen.
@Jalisco Out

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