Roughnecks – 12.13.21

Conditions: Clear, high 20s
PAX: @Three’s Company @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Bogo @Night Light @Lone Star @Blackout @Mulligan @Cosmo @Pancreas @Offsides QIC- @Ginsu
(large pre-party turnout at 4:30am this morning [@Three’s Company@Night Light@Lone Star@Blackout@Cosmo@Offsides@Ginsu], got a brisk 3 miles in through some of the seedier parts of spring hill).
Short warm-o-rama:
Runner Stretch warm-up
Good mornings
Michael Phelps
Thang 1:
Spicoli Tribute – F3 Franklin lost one of theirs on Friday.  It was requested that all regions honor his legacy by performing 100 Spicoli's (calf raises).  Roughnecks performed with rucks.
Thang 2:
4 rounds:
25 Squats IC (ruck on)
25 2ct Shoulder Taps (ruck on)
25 Sit-ups IC (rucks held)
25 4ct Mt Climbers IC (ruck on) *note, use hip belt or risk skull damage
25 OH Presses IC
Thang 3:
No strap ruck walk for remainder of time.  Carry ruck however you want but no using the normal shoulder straps. Completed .6miles (1000m).
Almost time, 45s left, slick SSH to time.
GrowRuck end of April
Get training at #ao-roughnecks
Don't want to participate in the “Tough” portion? Plenty of other opportunities to help and participate in event
@Blackout Black-ops ruck last week of Dec, #black_ops for details and to HC
Prayer Requests:
@Hot Mic (Tribute) daughter dealing with eczema. Feeling frustrated, angry, etc.  Prayers for peace and for restoration of healthy skin
All those impacted by this past weekend's tornados.
@O’Douls, and all of us PAX, for continued strength, guidance, peace for the challenges we face in our lives.
“I don’t care” is a ratified declaration of our God’s-man constitution. We should have the same dogged cynicism, the distain, and the same offended sensibility when insecure voices within beg us to be a man pleaser over a God pleaser. There are some things we simply cannot afford to care about in light of our identity, our purpose, and our connection to Jesus Christ. We must stop wearing all the masks that get us “liked” by men at the expense of grieving the Holy Spirit.
In the early church the only apostle to escape violent death was John. All the rest — James, Philip, Matthew, James, Matthias, Andrew, Mark, Peter, Paul, Jude, Bartholomew, Thomas and Luke — all went to their brutal deaths willingly and passionately. Their courage bred more courage.
“Don't care” about what other think of you as long as you are being a God's-man and striving to please Him.
An honor as always to work alongside you HIMs!
Ginsu out.

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