Roughnecks – 11.08.21

Deck of Death Debut
PAX: @Ginsu @Offsides @Pancreas @Cosmo
FNGs: None
QIC: @Cosmo (YHC)
Short ruck around the park to the pavilion, YHC brought the 60# gravelbag with him as penance for forgetting to switch his 20# plate out with the 30# plate.
Thang – Cadre Cleve’s Deck of Death
Diamonds – 8-Count Bodybuilders IC
Clubs – Ruck Shoulder Presses
Hearts – Ruck Squats
Spades – 2-count Flutter Kicks
Aces – 15 Reps
Face Cards – 10 Reps
All others were same as number on card.
We got through probably 4/5 of the deck before time. I added up the pulled cards and we did…
82 Body Builders, 65 Squats, 72 2-Count Flutters, 74 Shoulder Presses.
Which means we had the following left in the deck…
17 Bodybuilders, 34 Squats, 25 2-Count Flutters, 25 Shoulder Presses.
New Columbia Region coming up.
Open House Week coming up.
More events and announcements on the radar, will be communicated in The Eagle this week.
Prayer Requests
@Pancreas’s friend’s marriage.
@Heidi (1st F Q)’s M.
All of the ongoing/unspoken prayers for emotional, physical, and mental healing.
YHC reflected last night on the recent Star Course and the concept of journeys. Most of the most amazing and badass stories of the Bible come out of journeys. There’s the Exodus out of Egypt, Jesus’ preaching throughout Galilee/Samaria, Saul’s travel on the road to Damascus, the various journeys of the Apostles throughout the area as they setup churches and shared the good news. The Star Course was very much our own journey. We were given some places to go but no real map. Regardless, we did an arduous 28-mile (FitBit don’t lie fellas) that taxed and tested us physically and mentally. My M asked me what the hardest part was and I said the final 4 miles or so when we got to downtown. My inner thighs were chafed raw, my feet had gone numb, and my calves/shins were screaming in protest at every incline. That said, I still recall laughing and being in fairly good spirits with the PAX. In fact the hardest part, when my body was physically stretched to its thinnest, was when we ran over the pedestrian bridge and photo bombed some wedding pictures. Even @Ginsu’s tracker clocked that as our fastest pace of the whole day. The point here is that journeys into the unknown are good for us, but they’re made life-changing when they’re with people who fill our buckets, lift us up, and help carry us forward. YHC encouraged the PAX to continue to foster those relationships because not all journeys are Star Courses and we’ll all need each other in the future.
YHC also mentioned the importance of prayer. I didn’t given a ton of credence to the power of prayer until several years ago. YHC shared a personal story of past prayers and their results. We don’t always get exactly what we pray for, or on the timeline we’d like, but YHC testified that the most important things he has lifted up to God in prayer over the past several years had all come to fruition and not always in the ways he imagined.
So let’s find some journeys, find some people to join us on them, and lift those burdens up to Him.
SYITG, Cosmo out.

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