Roughnecks – 10.25.21

PAX: @Hot Mic (Tribute) @2nd F Kwame @MapQuest @Lone Star @Mulligan @Cosmo @Bogo @Offsides QIC: @Ginsu
Conditions: Gloomy, overcast, mid-70s, started to rain near end of beatdown.
F3 disclaimers
  • BACS, BBACS, Abe Vigodas, Willie Mays, Good Mornings
The Work:
  • YHC led PAX through parking lot past 1st pavilion along trail to 2nd pavilion. Along the way, YHC pointed out that this was the route we would be using for movements today (2nd pavilion, around restrooms, across parking lot, sidewalk by 1st pavilion to trail back to 2nd pavilion).
  • YHC took this time to also explain that today’s workout was called “Filthy 50”.  When we arrived at the pavilion, YHC illuminated the beautiful cardboard sign that looked so innocent but brought so much pain:
  • Filthy 50 (50 of each of the 10 following exercises):
  • High Low Plank (Ruck On)
  • Ruck Swings
  • Shoulder Press
  • “Ruckees” (Brickees, Devils Press, Burpee with Ruck ground-to-Overhead)
  • Step Ups (Ruck On)
  • Bent SB Rows (60# or 80#) (Ruck On)
  • Toes to Rig
  • 2ct Alt Lunges (Ruck On)
  • Squat Thrusters
  • 4ct SSH (Ruck Off)
  • After each exercise, Ruck On, walk, mosey, run ~175m route outlined earlier
  • Most PAX completed 8-9/10 rounds (YHC tried to keep track but may be off).
  • YHC explained afterwards that this workout should be able to be done by beginners in 25-30 minutes (without ruck, without 175m laps).  YHC is impressed with the work put out by the PAX this morning.
  • Favorite exercise seems to have been the Ruck On – High Low Planks
  • 10/27 – Black Ops Ruck @ Chickasaw 4pm (@Hot Mic (Tribute) for details)
  • 10/30 – Nolensville Gauntlet(?)
  • 10/31 – F3 Dads
  • 11/6 – TN Tussle & Star Course
  • 11/13 – CHAD Veteran’s Day Tribute Workout (Armory & Darkhorse)
  • 12/3 – 24 hour marathon (#24hr-marathon)
Prayer Requests:
  • @Cosmo – Infection in right eye
  • #prayerrequests – All PAX for previous requests and continued health & protection
  • Inconvenienced, none of us like to be inconvenienced.  However, Jesus inconvenienced himself by leaving his heavenly throne, coming to this broken world, getting arrested, beaten and tortured and killed, so that we broken humans could be forgiven and saved.
  • We should strive to be inconvenienced for the cause of Jesus.  2 Tim 1:7-8a “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord…”.
  • Continue to be the disruption.  Don’t let fear keep you from being inconvenienced to be used by God for whatever purpose He has for you
Great work this morning men!  This was a challenging workout and you all did great!
Ginsu out.

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