Roughnecks – 07.26.21

PAX: @Kwame @Hot Mic @Offsides @Mulligan @Betamax (QiC)@Lone Star

Got a late start as YHC didn’t pick up an extra ruck from @Ginsu even after he told me to go pick it up
I had my plate carrier which @Betamax used and @Mulligan used a coupon for PT at beginning.PT:
15 Ruck High Pulls
15 OH Presses
15 Ruck Swings
15 Flutter kicks IC
15 Big Boy Sit-ups holding Ruck

Let’s move out – @Mulligan took my 60lb SB for the ruck
Went to the pool house lot and stopped for more PT:
10 Ruck High Pulls
10 OH Presses
10 Ruck Swings

Move out again – @Hot Mic and @Mulligan switched weighted vest and SB for this leg back to Harvey Park.
Finished with a loop around the park to get in a full 2 miles.


Announcements:  Upcoming CSAUPS
Prayer Requests: Continue lifting up @Yaris and @Offsides MIL as she is still dealing with loss of husband.

Ruck On my fellow Mother Ruckers!

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