Ragland “bikini” Bottom – 6.04.21

Friday black ops at Ragland “bikini” Bottom. Lots of dudes (9), Deck of Death, fun.

We started on a mosey from camp down to the boat ramps and got in 10 lake merkins to warmup.

From there we found our location just off the lake in the shade as we started 5 rounds of the “Card Deck of Death”…
Each card you drew had a designated exercise for it- hearts were legs, diamond were core, clubs were all burpees ( :face_vomiting:) and spades were wild.

We did the following exercises:
Iron mikes
American hammers
Mountain climbers
Air presses
Plank holds
Al gore
Jump squats
Pistol squats
Suicide squats
Flutter kicks
Carolina dry docks

This was just the appetizer for the camp out weekend, as we then had the pure enjoyment of @Cosmo’s D-Day beatdown, Window Cliffs hike, kayaking the Caney Fork River, and plenty of other memories along the way. Until next year, pax!

SYITG, Kwame

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