Proving Grounds – 8.26.21

Parking Lot-aba Tabata
9 HIM were grateful and humbled at the Proving Grounds in the beautiful Gloom of a Thursday morning. Laugh, move, sweat, accelerate, curse the Q. Just as it should be!!
PAX: @Veronica @OPIE @Hot Mic Tribute @Yaris @Rudolph @Ace Ventura @Soul Glo @Cross-Stitch Stitch
QiC: @O’Douls
Tour of the Parking Lot Party
General individual stretch project
The Thang(S):
2-1-1 Tabata Style Across the Parking Lot
Rotating Thangs Lined Up Across Parking Lot – 2:00 Individual Exercise, Stop in Place at time
Wheel of Misfortune (maneuver wheel around and through cones MOT as desired)
Double River Rock Carry (carry method of choice)
Loaded Sled Push/Pull/Drag/U Pick
Little Boss Tire Sledgehammer Smash and Roll (5x smash, raise and roll to end, 5x smash)
Cinder Block Murder Bunny and Double Jump
Big Boss Tire Flip
Double Sandbag Farmer’s Carry
100# Sandbag Toss
2 Rep Line Ladder Burpees
Group Thangs – 1:00 AMRAP at Stop Point, then 1:00 Recover and Rotate to next Station
1. Merkins
2. LBC
3. Air Squats
4. WW1
5. Bonus recovery minute!!
6. American Hammers
7. Alabama Prom Dates
8. SSH
9. Alternating Shoulder Taps
Bring all Coupons to COT
30 sec Low planks x3
TN Tussle upcoming in November. See @Heidi (1st F Q) post on team formations
9/11 Go Ruck registration still open
Queen 5 starts in 1 week. 9/1 baseline measure, 9/7 program start. Check #queen channel for details
Prayer Requests
@Soul Glo brother’s knee surgery success, Aunt still in hospital without much info
@Hot Mic Tribute opening message to work team today, prayers for leadership and clarity
@Yaris ongoing prayers for his marriage, his anxiety and healing for his foot
In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 15, Jesus embarks on a complex and layered journey in to the heart and mind of both God and man, the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Most of us know the basics of the story. Most of us have heard it many, many times. But this week, as I continue to face the challenge of my own prodigal child and ruminate regularly on this parable, I was struck by a new dimension to the story I hadn’t considered. The older brother, who stayed behind and dutifully served his father, is painted in some regards as the antagonist of the story. He struggles mightily to reconcile his reckless brother’s return. And in spite of his father’s pleas, he will not join the celebration of his return.
Our human nature is to side with the older brother. Why should we give a pass to the younger brother’s actions? Shouldn’t we expect someone to have to atone for their transgressions? They ought to get what they rightly deserve, correct? The father doesn’t see it that way. In verse 31, Jesus states “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.” Wow. That stopped me in my tracks.
We tend to view the father in the story through a human lens, and rightly so. His example is one we should all strive to follow. But consider that the father in the story is an illustration of God Himself. The demonstration of forgiveness that he shows to the prodigal son is consistent with that thought. But, his acknowledgement of the efforts of the the loyal son are striking.
As Christ followers, we forget often that God is always with us, and that we are stewards of his blessings on Earth. Everything God has created is ours. Let that sink in. Suddenly the stubborn entitlement of the loyal son becomes crystal clear. Who are we to be so petulant in a moment when God has gifted us with so much to enjoy every day. And even with that petulance, the Father still patiently asks us to reconsider and see the error of our ways. And when we don’t, he again gently reminds us of the clear truth of our actual privilege. How amazing it is to have such a loving and patient Father.
May we be grateful and humble every day. May we remember what blessings we enjoy every day. And when we are faced with the human desire to see ‘justice’ done for those who have strayed, may we seek the mind of God instead of the urge of man.
My distinct honor to lead you today, men.
@O’Douls out

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