Proving Grounds – 7.29 .21

Ready for Litvinov
5 HIM came out to test their limits against a legendary athlete and lifter. Sergey Litvinov was a Soviet Olympic hammer thrower and power lifter. He coached for years after his competition days and is known for his incredible workouts. Today we did our best to do him justice.
PAX: @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) @Hot Mic @Night Light
Co-Q: @O’Douls @Rudolph
Grateful array of leg stretches

Mosey thru the grass to the path and across the creek, as Rudolph explained the history of Litvinov. Continue Mosey to the Wooden Coupon Outpost.
Thang 1:
Pick a coupon, any coupon.
Execute 20 front squats.
Shift coupon to overhead hold and go on walkabout to the base of the short hill to the pull up bars. Objective was to keep the overhead hold the entire length of the walk.
Lunge up the hill and to the pull up bars.
Drop coupon and execute 5 pull ups or jump drops. Remaining PAX continue overhead hold while waiting for pull up bar to open.
Retrieve coupon and go on walkabout back to outpost
Drop coupon….choose new one
Rinse and repeat x3
Thang 2:
Pay the Troll (thanks Night Light)
High Speed Ruck pace back to the creek.
Pick a coupon, there were lots of tasty choices
20 overhead presses
5 overhead tricep press
20 thrusters
20 air squats (drop the coupon, the troll was satisfied)
Continue High Speed Ruck to the parking lot
Thang 3:
Why does it need a name, it sucked
Double Burpee Ladders
2 Burpees
Sprint 2 Parking Spots
4 Burpees
Sprint back
6 Burpees
Sprint 4 Spots
8 Burpees
Sprint back
10 Burpees
Sprint 6 spots
12 Burpees
Sprint back
14 Burpees
Sprint 12 spots
16 Burpees
Only Hot Mic made it all the way through. Awesome work.
TIME! Ouch.
F3 dads on the way, check the channel for deets
2 CSAUPs this month, be there or be
Night Light new leadership opportunity at work
O’Douls meeting tomorrow to work through an issue with a friend (some details below)
This past weekend I had the unique privilege of having to live out Jesus’ command in Matthew 5:38-39
38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.
In order to earn some extra money for my son’s college fund, I ride share drive some mornings and weekends. This past Saturday I coincidentally picked up someone who I knew personally. And, unfortunately, we have some past beef. This individual has a public facing presence, and was highly inebriated. I attempted to make awkward small talk and keep things as casual as possible during the ride.
Upon exiting the car, the individual made a regrettable choice and assaulted me from behind. They screamed inches from my face for the better part of a minute, made threats, dropped multiple colorful insults and bruised my shoulders and neck. I never flinched. I never engaged. I simply asked them to please leave my car. Finally coaxed from the car, the individual shouted more insults from outside.I was finally able to leave and attempt to collect myself before continuing my night.
All through the experience I kept thinking about the residual impact of retaliation. How would I or we explain this situation to others? Could there be a public story? What would that be like? Who would benefit from that? I couldn't find any positives in any of those questions.
As a man of fallen tendencies, I wanted to fight back, defend myself. Take an eye for an eye. As a man created in the image of God, I wanted to restrain, stay calm, display maturity and begin the process of forgiveness even before the incident was over. When Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, he isn’t advocating for pacifism or weakness. There are times to defend oneself. But what He does call us to do is exhibit the mind and motivation of Christ at all times in our life, even when every natural instinct tells us to do something else.
Friday morning, with the help of a mutual contact acting as an arbitrator, I am meeting with this individual to let them know I forgive them and I am praying they find new and healthy ways to deal with anger. I am hopeful for a humble apology, but it isn’t needed. I’m not sure of this individual’s relationship with the Lord. Perhaps this can help bring God into clearer focus for them.
I know I have done right by my Lord by turning the cheek, but I approach this situation with humility and appreciation, searching for its larger meaning and life impact for me. It’s important that we are always aware of the downstream impacts of our actions. Discernment, patience and maturity will yield far better results than revenge and retaliation.
Your prayers are appreciated.
O’Douls out. 

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