Proving Grounds – 7.08.21

15 HIM blazed the trail this morning as we launched our newest AO, Proving Grounds! Those in attendance included @Vespa, @Three’s Company, @Corncob, @Veronica, @Hot N Ready, @Night Light, @Fertile Myrtle, @2Buck, @Heidi, @Import, @Hot Mic, @Pancreas, @Swipe (FNG), @GreenThumb, and @Rudolph (QIC).
We started with a quick introduction to the new AO, along with a definition of Proving Grounds:
Proving Grounds are used for vehicle testing. Manufacturers typically test the behavior of the vehicle in various environments and traffic situations, focusing on the dynamic properties of a vehicle. In military use, Proving Grounds are installations or reservations in which technology such as weapons or military tactics are experimented with or tested.

Mosey to Crossroads for warm-o-rama
Good mornings OYO
Hamstring, Quads, WMH
Arm Circles OYO

Mosey south….bear crawl down hill and hold high plank till the 6
Thang 1 – Musical Chairs
Continuously run around the southern loop until you find an open station
Station 1: 20 pull-ups
Station 2: 20 diamond durkins
Station 3: 20 dips
Station 4: 20 urkins

Mosey north…politician up hill
Thing 2 – Clockwork
Spread out at The Crossroads and perform the following exercises
Group 1: 20 burpees then Al Gores till burpee 6, then rotate
Group 2: Iron Mikes till burpee 6, then rotate
Group 3: Shoulder taps till burpee 6, then rotate
Group 4: 6 inch hold till burpee 6, then rotate

Thang 3 – Some kind of run
Follow the leader back and forth along the north stretch, stopping and doing exercises when called
Last two men in line do the following:
Sprint to pull-up bars
Pull-ups until failure
Sprint to the front of the line
Hard run back to the cross roads, circling back to get the 6.

#ao-darkhorse begins this Saturday!
#ao-the-citadel and #ao-roughnecks begin on Monday!
@Dizzy Gillespie is moving today from 8-10am, help appreciated

Prayer Requests
Friend of F3 Andy Williams is on a ventilator after motorcycle accident
The family of Will recently passed after an ATV accident
Prayers that the mission of F3 will be at the forefront of our minds in the coming months
@Fertile Myrtle’s 2.0 turns 18 soon…prayers that he will be led to participate in F3

Moleskin – God is always choosing people
Almost always, God’s chosen are quite flawed or at least ordinary people. It is clear that their power is not their own. As Paul puts it, “If anyone wants to boast, they can only boast about the Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:31).
As told in the Jonah story, this often takes people a long time to learn. Here is the principle: We can only transform people to the degree that we have been transformed. We can only lead others as far as we ourselves have gone. We have no ability to affirm or to communicate to another person that they are good or special until we know it strongly ourselves. Once we can stop trying to be center stage, we will have plenty of time and energy to promote other people’s empowerment and specialness. Only beloved people can pass on belovedness.

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