Proving Grounds – 2.03.22

PAX: @Clipart, @Heidi (1st F Q), @2nd F Kwame, @Oscar Mayer, @Pancreas, @Redfish, @Rudolph, @Singlet
Q: @Soul Glo (YHC)
FNG: 0
Count: 9
Michael Phelps
Good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes
The Thang:
PAX count off into two groups. Group one began an exercise while group two ran across the parking lot and back. When group two returned, they continued the exercise while group one ran.
Exercise list:
Wall sits
Curb step up with knee raise
Curb dips
High knees
Merkin with rotation
Left side plank
Right side plank
After two rounds, the Q decided to cut the run in half. Everyone made it through three rounds and began the fourth round when time ran out.
Better halves Thursday night
#beaconhill Friday
@Night Light ceremony on Saturday
Franklin convergence end of February
#csaup cannonball run 2 March 5
Prayer requests:
@2nd F Kwame’s M traveling to Nola for marathon
@2nd F Kwame’s M lost her grandpa
@MapQuest’s M and family
@Heidi (1st F Q)’s family
@Redfish Honduras trip
@Singlet’s friend Annie lost her son unexpectedly
@Soul Glo’s sister
@Soul Glo’s conference
At the end of saving private Ryan, Tom Hanks tells Matt Damon “Earn this” right before he dies on the bridge. We flash forward to Matt Damon looking at that grave on Normandy surrounded by his family. He asks his wife if he’s a good man, if he’s lived a good life.
Have I earned this? Am I a good man? Have I lived a good live? Do I have what it takes? Am I enough?
These questions often linger at the heart of our identity as men. These questions are also present throughout the Bible: in the psalms of David while being hunted by the philistines, King Saul, or Absalom, in the book of Job, and in Ecclesiastes.
The truth is, we are all fallen and sinful men living in a fallen world. We cannot measure up on our own. But because of Jesus, we don’t have to. When God looks at us, He doesn’t see our faults, and our sins, and our failures. He sees the blood of Jesus. And that is enough. Through Jesus we are not defined by our mistakes and our worst moments. Through him, we are more than conquerors.

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