Proving Grounds – 11.11.21

Proving Grounds/ Veterans Day
8 Pax Put their bodies to the test in honor of all our heros!
@Veronica @Soul Glo @Clipart @Buckeye @OPIE @Pancreas @Rudolph
Welcome /Disclaimer
High Knees 30seconds
Abe Vigoda OYO
Baby Arm Circles BAC
Calf Stretches OYO
Hamstring OYO
11 reps of the following
4 count Mountain Climbers
Squat Jumps
Hand release Merkins
4ct Freddy Mercury
Bear Crawl 1 length of Parking Lot
1 Full Sprint Length of Parking Lot
Rinse and Repeat 11xs
(We did not finish all 11)
@Pancreas may have gotten there if he didn’t prevac.
New F3 Mule Town Kicks off November 20th
@Ünerdoose M and Family
@Heidi (1st F Q) M and Family
2.0s adjusting to time change
@Snooki Family
@Hot Mic (Tribute) poor souls in Tampa!
All our Veterans!
As men we are called by society to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to react a certain way. We’re told indirectly and directly to stuff our emotions, deny our feelings and to think and act instead of feel. Jesus Christ was full of emotions, a spectrum of a man meek, kind, compassionate, and angry at times etc. Men our true authenticity can only be found by connecting to our emotions to every single feeling, if we do this we become vulnerable and true authentic men everyone of us has a journey to connect with the Lord and Jesus Christ will be there for us to be the true man we are called to be . No matter how old or young we act or feel we are called to be Authentic and to find our true Masculinity not what the world defines it as for us.

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