Proving Grounds – 1.27.22

Weather: 24 degrees, perfect conditions

PAX: @Rudolph @Soul Glo @Clipart @SingletQiC: @O’Douls

Intro and Disclaimer:
F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional. Exercise at your own risk and modify if necessary to avoid injury but not to avoid work.5 Core Principles of F3 workouts:
-Free of charge
-Open to all men
-Held outdoors. Rain or shine, heat or cold
-Peer led in a rotating fashion
-Always end in a Circle of Trust

The F3 Credo is: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”W-O-R
10 BAC
WMH/Runner Stretch

There’s No Me in Proving Grounds But There is an US1 HIM mosey around parking lot with 60# (Rudolph estimated 70#) sandbag
During mosey, remaining PAX complete AMRAP of each movement
Upon return, moseying HIM leads 10 ct of the movement In cadence
Next HIM takes the sandbag for a mosey while the PAX move to the next movement
Rinse and repeat through 13 movements

Coupon Calf Raises
Coupon Lunges
Coupon Side Jumps
Coupon Step Ups
Roll Over Merkins
Coupon Kettle Swings
Coupon Curls
Air Squats
Coupon Thrusters
Prone Coupon Press
Plank Jacks on Coupon
2 ct Mtn Climbers on Coupon
Parking Lot Gassers with Coupon

Mary IC (cadence lead)
25 American Hammers (Rudolph)
25 WW1 (Singlet)
30 sec High Plank (Clipart)
30 sec Low Plank over Coupon (Soul Glo)
30 Elevated Coupon Flutters (O’Douls)Time!

Check slack announcements channel
Rolling Hills free estate planning, @Offsides has some additional info

Prayer Requests
@Singlet cousin Brent suffered heart attack but is miraculously back from coding, prayers for his recovery and his wife Tammy
@Soul Glo niece working toward getting healthy, sister’s job situation, focus and home organization leading up to work conference
@O’Douls continued progress in communication with estranged son

Ask yourselves these questions. Who do you trust? Who is working hard with you?

This morning we all put in work, but one member of the team had to embark on a difficult journey. The rest trusted he would return in time and proceed to lead with intention. We continued to work hard in his absence, but we welcomed him back and immediately gave him the opportunity to engage in a moment of ‘micro-leadership.’ This moment is crucial to instilling confidence in the man and affirming his position of value in the group.

Think of today like your Shield Lock. A compact band of brothers, willing to go the extra mile for the others, knowing full well everyone is working hard in their own way. Sometimes the brothers have to go on a journey alone. But we know the rest of our team is there, cheering us on, still doing work, and excited to see us back. And leadership in a Shield Lock is shared, no one HIM is devoid of the ability to lead and model for his brothers.

I encouraged the PAX to engage their shield lock with intention (something I have fallen somewhat short of) or to seek one out where possible. Doing the hard work with others makes it far less hard. When we sweat together, we grow together.

Pleasure to lock shields with you today gentlemen.

@O’Douls out

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