PrimeTime – 9.15.21

9 HIM came out for a most difficult run Wednesday night…
@Danica @Rudolph @MaryAnne @MapQuest @Cross-Stitch @Fertile Myrtle @Earhart @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) and YHC

Pax came early to watch @Cross-Stitch finish out his 200 burpee penance for finishing dead last week 1 of the fantasy football season, a fine punishment doled out by @2Buck (the week’s top performer chooses from a preset list). Others chose to Preparty run for a running AO (wt?!?).The plan for the night was to do a combo of tempo running and a heritage run, with each pax responsible to lead for 5 minutes at a pace greater than your 20k race pace, then back to a mosey for 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat. We did it. It was tough.

We are now starting to make Gary’s Place a post-party thing, with 1/2 price boneless wings a nice draw, although the fact that I’m on the can writing this backblast at 4:40am might give you an indication that Kwame may think twice about the Sweet Stinger sauce next time…We mentioned a lot of things are happening in (check slack) and some  and were spoke (@MaryAnne ‘s job transition, @MapQuest for his awesome VQ this past Saturday 9/11, health struggles in the pax and their fams).Great job men- we worked hard tonight!

SYITG, Kwame

P.S.- Ponytail PrimeTime, or as my neighbor called me: The White Samurai

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