Primetime – 9.08.21

4 pax joined me for #ao-primetime as we ran a new route “The Neighborhood Watch”, which brought about a bit of difficulty as we would learn later…
@Danica @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Cross-Stitch @Lone Star and YHC
The run took us basically through a cornfield, into a neighborhood, through a nature trail, back through another neighborhood, and around a track and behind a school…
With @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck late from an appointment to lower his ears we were excited to see him doing laps at Longview and he joined us for behind the school sprints to close out our time, or do we thought. As we were moseying back to COT, we got “disrupted” by @Rudolph (who did pre-blast warn us rather ominously) who began pelting us with water balloons in the dark. His sniping started out great for him, but then YHC caught one of the ones he threw and was able to land a crushing blow to his solar plexus, debilitating him long enough for everyone to ambush his artillery where it then became a free for all. It didn’t end well for @Rudolph (at least that’s MY interpretation!). A very pleasant surprise indeed :joy:. Check out the POV video for details. Well done sir!
check slack, lots going on: 2ndF, 1stF events, blah blah blah
@Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck and others on the Queen: tough for Cos as he has a work trip (always difficult to modify food choices) and a 10year anniversary (also tough!)
All the pax health wise, dealing with covid, and more
Our F3 brother from NC Capt Caveman’s mother passed away from covid suddenly- prayers to him and his family
A couple of ramblings from the message from my church on Sunday
it can be easy or mundane sometimes to do the right thing, but can you remember times where you could’ve done something more? What is the highest good? Think about what you can do that isn’t just a good decision but is the highest good
When the day of Christ comes
, will you be satisfied with the choices you made that day? Each day you can choose your path- is it the one that you’d be happy with if Christ came back that day?
And finally, the most needed thing right now in our country, amongst the divisiveness and political and social climate? It’s love. Abounding love is the need of the hour at hand. May your love be a faucet that you turn on all the time!
SYITG, Kwame out!

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