Primetime – 8.25.21

4 PAX must have had raw eggs for breakfast, because they came out swinging to part 2 of today’s Rocky-themed Qs! @Snooki, @MaryAnne, @MapQuest, and Q @Rudolph.
Our focus tonight was on maintaining a steady pace with fatigued legs. To accomplish this, we used several exercises from the Rocky 2 training montage throughout our run.
Chase the chicken (leader) until he stops running. Once you catch him, hold an Al Gore till the 6. Once all-in, the group does one of the following exercises. We stopped 8-10 times.
Duck walks
Duck hops
Rocky Balboas
Lunge walks
Several things happened along the way:
Politician up the big hill on Cadence Drive
Sprint like Rocky at the shipyard at a random grassy stretch
Finish off the last leg with a full run to the flag, then Rocky bounce!
Finish with 6 minutes of Mary
Tennessee Tussle on 11/6 – See @Heidi (1st F Q)’s post for details!
2ndF opportunity – Nashville Soccer Club on 9/3. Buy tickets by 8/29 to guarantee seats with the rest of our group. See @2Buck’s post for details!
Prayer Requests
@MaryAnne recently met an elderly man in his neighborhood, and has felt led to talk to him multiple times. The man’s son, Jeff, is sick and about to have his gallbladder removed. Please pray for safety and recovery for Jeff.
@MapQuest’s father-in-law is in hospice with cancer.
@MapQuest’s daughter is getting braces tomorrow. Prayers that anxiety won’t be an issue.
“Silence has two functions. The first effect of exterior silence is to develop a sense of interior peace. The second value of silence is that it provides the stillness that enables the ear of the heart to hear the God who is ‘not in the whirlwind.’” -Joan Chittister in “The Rule of Benedict”
Silence is important. Take time to just be, and to listen.

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