Primetime – 8.18.21

8 hearty PAX braved a good ‘ol Spring Hill thunderstorm and came out for a character-building soak at this week’s Primetime run:
@Fertile Myrtle, @MaryAnne, FNG Levi aka @ Darwin (species: canine), @Rudolph, @Earhart, @MapQuest, @PrimeTime Kwame, @Danica and YHC @Snooki.

The main objective of this run was to get a group pic with the City of Spring Hill water tower in the background.
Mission accomplished!
The route:
•Commonwealth from Longview to the water tower for the pic
•Back to Duplex via Vanguard or Commonwealth (runner’s choice)
•1 out and back on the Duplex Dip
Commonwealth back to Longview
A fun time was had by all!
CSAUP this Saturday 8/21; No Armory but Darkhorse is still happening.
Prayer requests:
@MaryAnne – 40 mile event this Saturday; prayers for his Shield Lock group
@PrimeTime Kwame and @Yaris – kids battling nightmares
At church the last couple of Sundays have been addressing our need for community.  We are designed by God to be in relationships. One illustration that was used was the story of Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge, who holds the Olympic and world record for marathon at 2:01:39.  He has twice attempted to break the 2-hour mark. I’m leaving out some details here but on the first try he missed by 25 seconds. That time there were no spectators cheering him on, it was a closed course. The second time, he insisted that spectators be allowed…on this attempt he came in at 1:59:39.
The point being that we thrive in community! And that fits so perfectly with what F3 is all about. Iron sharpening iron.
SYITG – @Snooki

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