Primetime – 2.02.22

PAX: @2nd F Kwame @Snooki @F3-Mary Ann @Fertile Myrtle

FNGs: 0

Q: @Fertile Myrtle

Count: 4

@2nd F Kwame counted SSHs in cadence while YHC gave disclaimers.

We ran down across Main Street to Miles Johnson and took a right. We continued until 21 minutes and then returned to AO for time.


Beware of @2nd F Kwame week!
26th – 10 mile rough neck ruck
Beacon Hill this Fri at 5:15
@F3-Mary Ann and @Oscar Mayer are considering organizing a cycling group

Prayer Requests:
@MapQuest and family as they deal with hardships of loss
Our friend @Billy Madison and his dealings
@2nd F Kwame M and family traveling and bonding while doing a 10k
@Snooki and M doing a reengage class

I read a quote from Steven Furtick that hit me in the face because I am as guilty as anyone for this.
“God knew what He gave you. God’s not mad at you over the time that you don’t have. But see, we have to snatch back the little moments where we can meet with God.

Some of us are saying, “Well, I would pray more, but it’s just so busy in my life.” So, we’re waiting on a whole weekend to spend with God.

You better take that phone, pull up that Bible app and sneak away to the bathroom during lunch. God can speak to you in three minutes and change the next 30 years of your life.

Thanks for letting me lead you today!

FM, out

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