Primetime 12.23.22

Start with F3 core principles 5 HIM @Soul Glo, @MapQuest, @Fertile Myrtle, @Snooki. @F3-Mary Ann
Thang: run approx 4 miles at even pace. Stayed together as a group. 4 workout stations.
25 burpees at each station.
Announcements: See announcements channel on Slack.
Count off.
Prayer requests: @Soul Glo  family tests for Covid. Results my impact family gathering. @Fertile Myrtle  for the closing on his house. @pax general prayers for holiday stressors and family travel and relationships over the holidays.
Moleskin: The book of Mathew teaches us that wherever 2 or more are gathered in his name “he is there in the midst”. Great reminder that when F3 gathers the Lord is moving with us and building bonds all the time.
Thanks for the chance to lead.

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