Primetime – 11.24.21

5 PAX hit the pavement for a special Turkey Trot / American Heritage Run @Kwame's Evil Twin, @Snooki, @Fertile Myrtle, @Soul Glo, and YHC, @MapQuest
The Thang
On August 4, 2021, @MapQuest got us lost during #ao-primetime.  He was certain of the route but apparently the MapQuest app never recalculated.  Tonight, he redeemed himself by taking the PAX on the route that was the original gameplan.  No one got lost and all survived. The route we took:
Longview to Duplex
Duplex to Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson to Harvey Park
Harvey Park through the streets of Autumn Ridge
Trotwood to Cantwell to Belshire (where we got lost last time)
Belshire to Commonwealth
Commonwealth back to Longview
We also alternated carrying Old Glory :us: for the entire run, in honor of American Heritage Day, which is the day after Thanksgiving.  There were 9 different cars along our run that expressed respect for the flag with an enthusiastic honk.  @Baby Gap’s neighbor also yelled “America!” from his backyard.
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Prayer Requests
Final stages of @Fertile Myrtle’s home closing
All those traveling, hosting, gathering with loved ones
@Snooki’s brother
Be encouraged and challenged by Paul’s word in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, which says to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  What always gets me about this verse is that it says in ALL circumstances.  Not just when things are going our way, or when we experience positive breakthrough.  But Paul encourages us to give thanks in ALL circumstances, which means even when we are at our lowest, when we are experiencing extreme challenge, and when we need actual breakthrough.  I’m reminded that it’s in those situations that our giving of thanks is our submission to Him.  Our acknowledgment that we are nothing without Christ.  It’s when we surrender that it allows our faith to come alive, putting Him in control of our needs.  So as we go into Thanksgiving and beyond, remember to give thanks, express gratitude, and keep your eyes focused on the power of Jesus in the process.
— Mapquest

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