Primetime – 10.27.21

6 HIM for an energetic run to the Water Tower by way of the trail thruway…
@Rudolph @Spanky @MaryAnne @Fertile Myrtle @MapQuest and YHC

Thang: run up commonwealth to duplex, turn left. Go down the hill and turn right at the new paved trail that takes you to the backside of the water tower via a super tall hill to climb (also a Strava segment). From there it was to the water tower, back down commonwealth and almost to Wall Street and back to Longview.


Announcements: lots of things going on- gauntlet Saturday, tussle and star course following weekend, etc etc. You need to check slack channels to stay on top of events. If you are at a workout and you hear “check slack” and you can’t find something you knew you heard about, just ask! Somebody will know details and help you out.
Also a suggestion @Cosmo @Operation for events to be added via the q calendar. Biggies like csaups, 2nd f events, etc

Prayer requests:
@MaryAnne ‘s ongoing pursuit of a relationship with his oldest 2.0
@Fertile Myrtle @MaryAnne @2nd F Kwame  for their work challenges

Moleskin: @MaryAnne helped out with this today as I experienced some major life stresses over the last couple of days and didn’t have one prepared. It fit right into this, as everyone spoke to their struggles with work challenges, and the Word that was brought up was Ecclesiastes 8 and 9, with the idea that it is all futile, and things like jobs are fleeting and not where our most time and efforts should go in life. I don’t know the chapters but @MaryAnne inspired me to read them, so thank you

I’m thankful tonight for being able to talk through my challenges in life with the best group of men I know- tonight I counted my blessings for F3 and the HIM that ran beside me.

Kwame OUT

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