Primetime – 10.22.21

7 PAX went running for their lives
@Earhart @Rudolph @Fertile Myrtle @Snooki @Chowdah – Community Outreach @MaryAnne and YHC as Q @MapQuest
Everyone who came thought we were going for an easy run.  But we did none of that.  Instead we played ROCK N’ ROLL BASKETBALL. What’s that, you say? Ok, so running is definitely involved, but with a twist.The crew stuck together and left Longview at a mosey pace.  Then after a few minutes, a mini-basketball with mystery writing all over it was introduced.  @MapQuest threw it up, and it was caught by @Earhart, who upon catching it had to read out loud the phrase nearest to his right thumb.  The options on the ball were:
As a group…
  • Politician run
  • Fast pace to next stop sign
  • Mosey/casual pace
  • Runners Choice
  • Sprint for 1 min, then casual pace
  • Finally a breather
  • Stop!  10 reps of runners choice
   And the one that almost killed @Earhart
  • Tag you’re it!
  • Every runner will have the opportunity to carry the ball, which will give instructions on what we will do together.
  • Unless a location stated on the ball, the holder of the ball also picks the direction of our run.
  • The ball holder will pass the ball to another runner (PAX of his choosing) when he so determines (timing of his choice).
The ball passed to each HIM throughout the night with much variety and hilarity.  Playing tag in the middle of the road definitely had the good people of Copper Ridge wondering what a bunch of old dudes with headlamps be smokin’. Oh, and while they blast 80’s rock n’ roll on the bluetooth speaker.
  • Consensus to check slack
Prayer requests:
  • All the HIM that are IR and DR
  • @Snooki and his work situation
  • @Fertile Myrtle asked for prayers for Sugar Rush.
  • @MaryAnne:  Motivation and inspiration as he begins a job search
We are often looking ahead at the desire to “arrive” at what we’re always needing.  We often think that life will finally be perfect if we just check that box.
  • If I can just get that job.
  • If I can just restore that relationship.
  • If I can just get that raise.
  • If I can just fix my marriage
  • If I can just…FILL IN THE BLANK.
Let’s be honest   We all can fill in that blank with our own lists. Through my own journey and my own desire to “arrive”…and the false assumption that “arriving” will just solve my problems, I’m convicted that I miss out on the “journey”, and the critical role that Christ has in this process.   It’s in the journey where I actually rely on him, trust him, and the actually have a relationship with him.  Jesus doesn’t want to wait for us at the finish line.  No!   He wants to run with us.  He wants to rest with us.  And he wants to encourage us along the way.  And most importantly, he wants us to invite him on the journey.   He’ll then ordain our steps and help us to arrive at the most ideal time and in the most ideal way.  He does not leave us or forsake us men.  That’s his promise for us.  Sure, it’s ok to long for your desire.  But don’t miss out on the journey, with Christ as your guide.
 -Mapquest out

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