New Year’s Day AO Convergence – Run Group

Kwame’s Journey to the Chump Stump
The usual chumps (@Chowdah @2Buck @Bogo @Kwame and  @Ron Swanson? ) were joined by @Fertile Myrtle through the mud and water to the top of Sunrise Hill. 
Pax were informed that whomever fell in the mud the most wins, but nobody took me up on that offer.
We did name the stump on the hump the Chump Stump. We did a fist bump and a jump at the chump stump on the hump. If only @Pancreas could’ve joined for a dump…
Back to the park as quick as we could,
The rest of the pax annoyed where they stood.
Although we were late the chumps called it a win,
As we anxiously waited for part 2 to begin
Kwame Seuss OUT

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