New Year’s Day AO Convergence – Muscle Beach

Some privileged few chose the path least traveled and joined YHC for a rainy beatdown at Muscle Beach.

PAX for 1st 30 min: @Foosball @Cosmo @Ron Swanson YHC

Here’s how it went down:
Stations / 1 min per station then rotate / 15 second break for transitions

Endorphins with 60# sb
Curls with 20lb dumbbells (later switched to pull-ups)
Skull crushers with 30lb plate
Kettlebell swings with 30#ruck (switched to pull-ups after 2 rounds)
We did this for 4 rounds. Fir the final 2 revolutions we kept track of our max reps to motivate the other.

Final min: 30 merkins

Soundtrack: Metallica and AC/DC

PAX for 2nd 30 min: @Foosball @Pre-K @Fertile Myrtle YHC

Thang 1: stations with sb carry timer

Timer: PAX with 60lb sb performs ~ 100 yard sb carry

Stations: ruck kettlebell swings, overhead ruck hold,  thrusters

We did this for 1 round until transitioning as follows:

Thang 2: clean and throws to burpees
Timer: clean and throw 30 yds with 60# sb

Stations: sb getup, ruck overhead press, ruck kettlebell swings

This lasted for 3/4 of a round until the tape fell off YHC’s sb, so we switched to 1.25 rounds of the same except we went to a final rotation of 1 min rounds with 5 second transitions, swapping clean and throws to burpee-hop-over-bag-burpees
Final seconds: 30 merkins

Soundtrack: AC/DC and Rage Against the Machine

X Factor: downpour in the first 30 min. The rest of y’all missed out :muscle::us:

My shower was a mess after this one. Well done, PAX! Crush New Years Day!
TD out

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