Muscle Beach – Tardy EMOM Party – 1.29.21

PAX: @Jalisco @Joey Freshwater @Heidi @Dipstick @Cosmo @Fertile Myrtle YHC
7 HIM braved the bitter cold to throw some iron around while everyone else, including the chumps, was sleeping.
Thang 1 – Flag to flag 7’s
distance between workout stations: 50 yds
Exercises: diamond merkins and coupon thrusters
Mode of transportation: running
Thang 2 – Stations
20 burpees for the late arrivals who thought #musclebeach started at 5:30.
7 stations – 1 min each, 10 second rotations (80lb angry bear crawl, coupon skull crushers, coupon single arm overhead squats, coupon bent over rows, burpee/jump over coupon/burpee, 15lb dumbbell single arm side extensions, goblet squats with coupon
we did 3 rounds total. After the first 2, we did 25 iron mikes and subbed out the rows for ruck kettlebell swings for the final round.
Thang 3 – EMOM (Every Minute on the minute)
7 pull-ups, 5 burpees, 10 4ct Flutter kicks.
We completed 6 rounds. Outstanding effort!!!
the Ridge: 6 mile ruck tomorrow, beginning at 5am! Meet at Armory ready to rock and roll at 5am sharp.
F3 Franklin is summiting Pike’s Peak in Colorado on May 15. I’m already committed with flight purchased (they’re relatively cheap right now). You’ll miss work on Friday, May 14. Check out the general page and/or message me for deets.
Prayer requests:
@Jalisco’s sister and pregnancy
@Cosmo’s taekwando – test
@Dipstick and @Heidi’s work situation
Moleskin: Trust in God, hope, and persevere. Others are watching you and will draw strength from your steadfastness.

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