Muscle Beach – Reindeer Games – 12.17.2020

PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Heidi @Hot N Ready @2Buck @Joey Freshwater @Operation
Q: @Cosmo
Weather Report: 21 degrees, freezing fog, but no wind. Ideal Muscle Beach conditions.
Mosey Lap around Muscle Beach
Arm Circles (Silent count, then IC, then just do them until told to not do them)
Imperial Walkers IC – x17
Hillbilly Walkers IC – x16
SHHs IC – x15
Zebra Butt-Kicks IC – x15 Each Leg
With a pretty odd (inside joke for the PAX) Warm-o-rama over, YHC shared that we'd be playing some Reindeer Games in honor of @Rudolph who was going under the knife to be made into the million dollar man.
3 Sets of AMRAP Exercises with Coupon until Q said to stop. YHC also queued up (bah dum tiss) a nice playlist that he had never listened to before and was simply called “Holiday Trap/EDM.” What ensued was an audio trip through a mall (younger PAX likely don't know what those are, but it's where @Joey Freshwater and @Heidi used to “kick it” back in the day) via music that sounded like it came straight from Old Navy, American Eagle, and PacSun.
Yet again, YHC's playlists remain undefeated in inspiration, motivation, and confusion.
Set 1
Thrusters (60 Secs)
Grave Diggers (60 Seconds)
Curls (60 Seconds)
Recover (30 Seconds)
Set 2
Reverse Lunges
High Knees
Set 3
Chest Presses
American Hammers
Flutterkicks w/ Coupon Hold
PAX got through 3 full rounds of the 3 sets before YHC called to stop.
YHC's brain was frozen by now so PAX can drop their exercises in the comments if they want.
YHC read from Matthew 5:14-16: You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
When we talk about invigorating male leadership, a key piece of that is showing the way through the “Gloom.” A lot of men can’t see the light right now or are chasing mirages in the desert. Be a beacon for them to look to and reach for. You are the billboard for F3, your church, your family, your community, and our society. In that same spirit, evangelize the things that need to be shared, specifically F3. We all know how important this brotherhood has been for us and our journeys. Let's not put the light of F3 under a basket until we post again. Share it, because it can be a beacon for another man lost in the gloom of his life.
@Joey Freshwater Has the Q for Armory
Ruck AO has been identified for Saturdays at 0530 at Harvey Park and will run until 0700. First post is January 2nd. Conflicts with Armory obviously, but it's the lesser of several imperfect options. YHC decided he needed to pull the trigger and lead here so he made the call. Will adjust if necessary, but the course has been set.
Fort Pain Q is locked in until January, but reminder to all PAX to visit #q_calendar and see where you need to take the front row in the shield wall and grab a Q or even a VQ.
Prayer Request
@Rudolph for his surgery today.
@Tiny Dancer and his family for their upcoming holiday trip to Branson, MO.
@Operation as he gets results back on his sleep study.
See y'all at Armory. Cosmo Out.

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