Muscle Beach – 9.24.21

10 HIM showed up to the beach to get swole this Friday morning :muscle: :beach_with_umbrella:PAX: @Offsides@Veronica@Jalisco@Blackout@Night Light@Tiny Dancer@Baby Gap@OPIE@Buckeye, and QIC: @Three’s Company
Warmarama: SSH, BACs, Back BACS
Buy in: 20 burpees
Thang 1: AMRAP during timer/10 count rest (1 full round)
  1. (Timer) tire flip downhill and back up.
  2. Squats
  3. Curls
  4. Walking merkins
  5. Curls
  6. Endorphin burpees
  7. Curls
  8. Sledgehammer to tire
  9. Curls
  10. Kill the bag
Burpee ladder 10 to 1Thang 2:  AMRAP during timer/10 count rest (2 full rounds):
  1. (Timer) sandbag throws downhill and back up.
  2. Lunges
  3. Clean and press
  4. Rows
  5. Clean and press
  6. WW2s
  7. Clean and Press
  8. Sledgehammer to tire
  9. Clean and Press
  10. Coupon (Kettle Bell) swings
30 burpees2 minutes left – Curls until time!
  • Convergence tomorrow. Get those HCs in.
  • Versus conference at Rolling Hills Thursday. See Rolling Hills website or @Offsides for more info
Prayer Requests/Praises:
  • @Blackout’s dad. Back in hospital. Health issues stacking up. Fell off from a lot of progress he had been making.
  • @Jalisco. Recovery and physical therapy on knee. Mental sanity not being able to work out as much
  • @Veronica – praise for 5 years anniversary
  • @Night Light. Praise. Lots of progress in life from where he was this time last year.
“Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never become due” ~Will Rogers
Pleasure to lead you men this morning!
3’s OUT!

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