Muscle Beach – 8.20.21

Title: “Front-Back-Go”
Who attended? 12 HIMS, Q: @Night Light @Jalisco, @hallpass, @Soul Glo, @OPIE, @reset, @Underoos, @Tijuana, @Pancreas (Nant’an), @Yaris, @Tiny Dancer@Rudolph
The Thang: Introduction
Welcome to F3 Muscle Beach, is this anyone’s first time? I am Night Light and I am not a professional trainer, you can modify as needed but do not stop. Today’s workout is named “Front-Back-Go” in honor of our brave men and women who have re-deployed to Afghanistan to defend and bring home the American Citizens in harm’s way.
The Thang: Leave the coupons here and lets head over to the field of dreams. Large circle for the warm ups in cadence.
Side straddle hop, 2. Mercins 3. Big-boys 4. Air squats 5. Good mornings 6. Lunges 7. Air squats
Front-Back-Go: When the Q yells it, you do it. Front=any type of push-ups, Back=flutter kicks, Go=running in place
In preparation for the CSAUP Saturday named the Crucible we are going to move around the field before hitting the Beach. Follow me.
At the Beach:
Rope Lifter
Kettle Bell Swing
Tire Drag
Alternate Mercins
Tire Swing
Squats with Coupon
Pull Ups
Lunges with Coupon
Bag lift/toss
Step Up
Preacher Hold
Mercin coupon slide
Incline Mercin
Overhead Press
Back to the Field: High Crawl, Low Crawl, “I’m up, he sees me, and I’m down” We have reached the Objective. Circle up.
COT: Count-o-Roma, Name-o-Roma, Announcements, Eagle Award to @jalisco
Prayer Requests? 
Moleskin: F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith
My daily devotional book yesterday was on point with where I am at in my life, it was titled “Taking up the Cross”
In Luke 9:23 Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”
Christ’s message was clear: In order to follow Him, Christ’s disciples must deny themselves and, instead, trust Him completely. Nothing has changed since then.
When we have been saved by Christ, we can, if we choose, become passive Christians. We can sit back, secure in our own salvation, and let other believers spread the healing message of Jesus. But to do so is wrong. Instead, we are commanded to become disciples of the one who has saved us.
Do you seek to fulfill God’s purpose for your life? Then follow Christ. Follow him by picking up His cross today and every day that you live. Then, you will quickly discover that Christ’s love has the power to change everything, including you.
Yesterday @pewee explained that tomorrow at the Crucible we have the opportunity to be forged into something new. We will arrive, each as one man, but together we will all be thrown into the fire together. Then we will exit the fire together as changed men, as better men. Throw down your hurts, habits and hang-ups into the @crucible men.
Take a Knee: Father, we first want to give you thanks for our savior your Son Jesus Christ so that we could be forgiven of our sins. We know that we have fallen but we are trying to get better and to get right. Father please give each of us strength to break the chains holding us back from being the Husbands and Fathers we could be.
Please receive these prayer requests today and also the ones that were not mentioned out load. We know that in you, all things are possible. In Jesus name, Amen.

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