Muscle Beach – 7.30.21

15 Pax showed up this morning to get the work in:
@opie @Night Light @Underoos @Tiny Dancer @Soul Glo @Jalisco @Bobby Knight @Offsides @Tijuana @Rudolph @Three’s Company @Commodore @Bubba Gump @Yaris @Cross-Stitch (Q)

Warmo: 5 min Bear Crawl
Thang 1: upper body circuit (15 min emom)
Over head press x2
Pull ups
Derkins x2
Weighted merkins
Curls x2
Skull crushers x2
Hammer Jammers on the tire
Front raises
Chest press
Weighted shoulder taps
Thang 2: 5 min crawl bear
Thang 3: lower body circuit (15 emom)
Squats x 3
Sumo squats
Wall sits
Endorphins X2
Deadlift X2
Reverse lunges
Forward lunges
Jump squats
Iron Mike's
Split squat
Tire flips
Thang 4: 5 min Bear Crawl/lunge walk
Thang 5: Dealer's choice Mary till time
Announcements: THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE OF THE GUARD AT #ao-musclebeach. I wasn't surprised at all when @Tiny Dancer announced that @Night Light  would be taking over! He has so many leadership qualities, a great team member, and everything just seems to be a little too easy to him. Not only that, but @Night Light also got a promotion at work, which just shows his dedication to working on himself, becoming better every day, and encouraging the men around him to be their best. Congratulations!! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball: Well deserved!! Great power, great responsibility
Prayer Requestz: @Offsides @Tijuana – dealing with family members that have covid and we are just praying for that healing and recovery
Our PAX that are dealing with Covid as well
@Yaris – continuing prayer for him and his M
@Bobby Knight – being there for his distant family as they go through some lawsuit/legal issues
Thank you @Jalisco for mentioning my sister! We are still waiting to hear back from testing and she has more scheduled this week.
@Tiny Dancer –  had a young man in his volunteering that hasn't had a father present, and just acknowledged the impact of just being present for your 2.0, showing love, and just literally being there.
@Soul Glo – prayers for his mother's comfort as she is dealing with the loss of her parents and sibling
Moleskin: to keep it sweet.
I am challenged by reading God's word, meditating on it, and hearing what He has to tell me. I've started this week doing a daily devotional and journal with prayer. It's not natural for me, but something so simple and so worth it.
I challenged the HIM that may be called to do the same thing and keeps pushing it off to get after it and start adding that to the daily routine
My devotional this week is about becoming a disciple and what that means, so I shared a bit about that.
Thank y'all for letting me lead this morning! It was a blast, thanks for coming out!!

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