Muscle Beach 7.16.2021

Cindy Brings Coupons to the Beach

14 PAX got up early and came to get stronger at the beach

PAX: @Three’s Company @Singlet @Sparkler (FNG) @Jalisco @Commodore @Yaris @Tiny Dancer @Cross-Stitch @Bubba Gump @taco libre @Blackout @Blue Buffalo @MapQuest @Soul Glo (YHC)

QIC: @Soul Glo

25 SSH
15 bacs
15 bac bacs
5 good mornings OYO
Michael Phelps OYO

Thang 1:Q set up 3 stations with coupons for the PAX to rotate through20 rounds

Station 1:
5 pullups holding a coupon with your feet
10 60# sb rows

Station 2:
10 merkins elevated on a coupon with another coupon placed on your back

Station 3:
15 squats holding a coupon and squatting down to another coupon for proper depth

Thang 2:
20 rounds were completed with 5 minutes left. Q rewarded everyone for their hard work with arm exercises of their choice OYO until time

#ao-darkhorse tomorrow for week 2. Check slack for clown car logistics.
New AO next week: night running with @Kwame at 7 on Wednesdays at Longview
Check slack for CSAUPs

Prayer requests:
@Jalisco CT scan today
@Yaris family and living situation
@Sparkler friend committed suicide last week: pray for the family and also check on people to make sure they are okay before it’s too late
@Baby Gap deployment and family
@Offsides family, especially his M
@Blackout M due August 2, healthy mother and healthy baby
@Chowdah M and his running fundraiser for lupus research

Working out with coupons and getting stronger brought to mind two themes from the Bible: strengthen yourself in the Lord and bear one another’s burdens. We don’t workout with weights for vanity or just to look better. We do it to get stronger so we can be more capable and do more. So we can serve better. You cannot lift someone else up if you are weak.

Likewise, we do not strengthen ourself in the Lord just for our own sake. We do it so we can bear one another’s burdens. You cannot bear the burden of another unless you have already strengthened yourself in the Lord. That’s why we do this. When we bear someone’s burdens, we enable them to strengthen themselves in the Lord so that they will in turn be able to bear the burdens for someone else.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord today. Bear one another’s burdens. No man is in this alone.

Soul Glo out

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