Muscle Beach – 6.18.21

23 High Impact Mens came to work this morning at #musclebeach: @MaryAnne, @Tiny Dancer, @Three’s Company, @Earhart, @Opie, @Veronica, @Jalisco, @Cosmo, @Blue Buffalo @Blackout, @Tijuana, @Underroos, @Night Light, @Commodore, @Bubba Gump, @Baby Gap, @Heidi, @Thin Mint, @Operation, @Yaris, @Soul Glo, and QIC: @Roudolph

Arm circles, merkins, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, SSH

As a group, farmer carry all weight to Peewee’s Playhouse. If any weight touches the ground, everyone does 10 burpees then shuffles the weights.
Three drops total
At the playhouse, coupon-facing burpees IC with Q (I think 23 total)
As a group, farmer carry all weight back to the beach. If any weight touches the ground, Q calls an exercise then shuffles the weights.
Two drops total: 1 minute low boat hold, lunge walk back to the bridge

Completed a supersized O’Charleys sampler platter of exercises. Finished one circuit of 1 minute AMRAP.

@Cosmo owes somebody a new cindy
2nd F at Ragdoll’s
Continuing to support F3 Murfreesboro tomorrow morning
Lots of goodies lined up for 6/26-6/28. Any PAX who successfully completes all 3 events gets a commemorative cindy signed by the Nantaan.
6/26 is the F3 Nolensville Convergence
6/26 is the F3 SH Night Ruck
6/28 is the Marine Corps PFT
7/10 new bootcamp AO in The Republic of Colombia
8/24 rucking CSAUP
T-shirt pre-order hits soon

Prayer Requests
Praise for @Underroos’ mother in-law coming home next Saturday
Safety for multiple PAX traveling for summer vacation

As men, we sometimes struggle with feeling like we are enough. And we rarely verablize meaningful affirmations to each other. We need to hear these truths, so this morning I took time to look our PAX in the eye and remind them:
I’m thankful for you.
You are accepted.
You are enough.
I am glad you’re here.
You are worthwhile.
You are loved.
There is nothing about you that can prevent you from being a part of this group.
You are valuable.

I was truly humbled to lead each of you this morning. Great work!

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