Muscle Beach – 4.02.21

6 HIM took it to the beach and enjoyed a couple slower paced, sneaky challenges.
@Fertile Myrtle @Offsides @Operation @Rudolph @Pancreas and :lipstick: your QIC.
After some warmup stretches, plank jacks, and american hammers we took it to the street.
Thang 1:
“Partner Cross Carry” -rotating in as partners, we carried 3 weighted balls to the flags and back with arms out to the sides. 8 pounds on each outer arm and sharing the weight of 15 pounds in the middle. One person switched out after each pass. All other PAX repeated reps of 10 each: curls, overhead press, rows, squats until all had made 2 passes.
Thang 2:
“I'm tired boss” Tire Drag
Each PAX completed 1 lap around the beach and flags while dragging a tire behind them. (We quickly learned that pacing is important.) All other PAX repeated sets of 5 Merkin/roll over/5 coupon press/roll over until all had been tired.
Thang 3:
Assorted weighted ball work to time including lifts, straight-arm handoffs, various squats. Thank you @Rudolph for the assist on these ones.

@Fertile Myrtle is likely going to fire his last employee or quit today. *Not literally. Today is his last day working on his own and starts the next chapter of his work life next week. Prayers for a smooth transition for him and his family.
@Offsides works in the church and will be extra busy this weekend. Prayer for patience and strength for he and his family. Please uplift all of those serving the kingdom, especially on a busy weekend like this.
@Operation is hanging difficulty sleeping. Pray for God to provide him rest. (Included @odouls and others struggling with rest)
Additionally, I'd like to lift up any unspoken prayer needs our monsters that we are facing in our lives.

We listened to a song from Eric Church called Monsters. I'll include a link to it in the reply comments. I felt led to share this song and the importance for my own life to remember that when we are facing “monsters”, whatever those may be, we need to “fall to our knees” and pray. Sometimes we want to use the MagLite to try and keep the monsters away, but that doesn't work because our monsters aren't the ones beneath the bed. We need to “keep our faith intact and make sure our prayers are said”.
Lean on faith and lean on God to guide us in battle against our monsters.

Lipstick out

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