Muscle Beach – 3.19.21

Many brave HIM, 16 to be exact, came out into the murky Gloom to be inspired by the Spirit of teamwork and shared sacrifice with all manner of Coupons. All who joined came out better, stronger and wiser than they were before. It was glorious.
@Pancreas @Foosball @2Buck @Bogo @Tiny Dancer @Three’s Company @Tijuana @Cosmo @Cross-Stitch @Fertile Myrtle  @Rudolph @MaryAnne @FlashDance @Jalisco
FNG: Finkle (not Einhorn)
YHC: @odouls (technically official VQ)
Arms Across and Back OYO
Good Mornings 5 OYO
Partner Up, Do Not Leave Your Wingman
Thang 1: Battle Garden
Close Grip Step Ups x20
Overhead Step Ups x20
Seated Rows x20
Flat Back Lift x20
Sniper Team 15 reps (2 man WW1 holding coupon)
Thang 2: The DMZ
Coupons Laid Down 6 Feet Apart in a Row
PAX lay down in gaps between
Flutter Kicks 1 minute AMRAP
Rolling Merkins x5 roll x5, 4 sets
Rolling Planks 5 sec per side, 5 sets
HopScotch Squat Thrusters through Coupon Line. Rinse and repeat.
Unbrokens (Coupon held over head for stated time) 30s, 30s, 60s
Thang 3: Earn Your Wings
Table Merkins with Back Coupon AMRAP 1 min and switch
Table Dips with Lap Coupon x30
Coupon Curls x30
Bent Rows x40
Partner Mosey sharing Coupon load across the field and back to Hall of Justice. Rinse and repeat.
Al Gores (or TD ski jumpers) to stretch and rest.
Thang 4: No Coupon Left Behind
Stack Coupons at Top of Hill, PAX Line up even distance
Fire Brigade Coupons up the PAX chain until stacked at bottom, Fire Brigade all coupons back to top. Rinse and repeat.
25 LBC
25 Alabama Prom Dates
25 Hammers
Plank 30s x3
Squats to time
Count-a-Rama < Name-a-Rama < FNG Welcome Finkel
Convergence March 27, please park at the church not at Armory to make space for the AO
Prayer Requests/Praises:
Positive allergy update for @MaryAnne – thanks to @Fertile Myrtle for the suggestion
@Tiny Dancer 2.0 friend Noah surgery for broken leg
@Cosmo peace and patience with home remodel and in-laws
In John 14, Jesus spends considerable time encouraging his disciples as he prepares them for his imminent departure from them. He tells them “Let your hearts not be troubled” in v.1 and “I will go and prepare a place for you” in v.3. The disciples are confused and worried about how they will continue and sustain without Him, when Jesus confidently tells them “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”
During this Lent season, we reflect intently on God’s miraculous Grace and Jesus’ incredible sacrifice. But we sometimes forget about what Jesus termed in v.16 as the Helper. The Greek translates this as Parakletos, an advocate and counselor. This must have been dumbfounding for the disciples, as one of them asks “Lord, how is it that you will manifest yourself into us?” Perhaps the greatest, most enduring, ongoing demonstration of God’s grace is The Holy Spirit, which is God manifested in each one of us who are believers. It almost suspends belief that the God of the Universe, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, would not only send his Son to pay the price for our sins, but then send 50 days later the Holy Spirit that would fall upon the disciples at Pentecost.
The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Supporter, our Encourager, our Wingman. This priceless gift from God is incredibly easy to dismiss, forget or downright ignore. But He follows us into battle, protects us in the DMZ of our daily life, gives us strength and sustenance when we have none, and absolutely never, ever leaves us behind. “I will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.” Lean into the Helper, in your prayers call upon Him to stand with you as you face the Fire of trials and challenges. Celebrate with Him in your successes, let him carry you forward from your failures.
Thank you for the privilege of leading today, men. I enjoyed it immensely. Hope you enjoyed the VQ libations as well.
@odouls out

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