Muscle Beach – 2.19.21

8 pax got after it this morning (2 pax took to the trails in aid of shoulders and backs)
@odouls @Lone Star @Pre-K @Heidi @Operation @Cosmo @Tiny Dancer and YHC

SSH, Squats, and some other things
Mosie to hill and get 10 (2 count) burpee and side jump
Mosie back
25 of merks, mountian climbers, big boys and 180 degree jump squats
Paired up, each station has 2 exercises, you'll do each exercise twice for a minute each time
Rd 1
Waterbag and cindy w/pipe
Pendulums and Curls

Get ups, both sides

KB and SB
Squats and Jump Squats
Tabata Sprints Nearly inaudible sprint coach
Rd 2
Waterbag and Cindy w/ rope and pipe
Vicious hands and tricep ext which turn to lat pulls which turned to lat rows after @Cosmo gave the rope hell

Ruck and Bar
Hip holster squat presses and Pull ups

SB and KB
Cleans or dead lifts and Swings
Cannonball running is approaching: Two Weeks and 1 day
Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for everyone in our group, a lot of requests have come in in the past couple weeks, play our part and send the prayers out. Specifically @Sully 's neighbor, @Dipstick 's neighbor, @Dizzy Gillespie 's knee and others.

Ancient stoic practice of the Premeditation of Evils. Where we take any situation causing us angst and determine what the absolute worst case scenario that can happen is. In doing this, we recognize that said scenario is unlikely to happen while also removing its power over us.
“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” – Seneca
“nothing to fear but fear itself” – FDR
Don't hold on to those miseries and you'll be more flexible with a clear mind.
-Foos out.

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