Muscle Beach – 2.12.21

12 brave souls braved the weather and headed to the warmth of Muscle Beach. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and ended up at Merkin Beach which was a lot colder.
PAX: @Cosmo, @Operation (Cosmo2), @Foosball @Jalisco @Kwame @Jiffy Lube @Lone Star @Dangle @Heidi (solo) @2Buck (pre-vac) @Joey Freshwater (pre-vac aka: migrated to warmer climate)
QIC: @Dipstick
Warmorama (with mumble chatter)
Arm stretches OYO
Willie Mays Hayes
Runner's stretch
Lat & back stretch
Good mornings
Windmill crossover stretch
Arm circles
The thang
1) Block Crawl to the beach and circle up
2) Introduced a little pre moleskin theme
3) During the song Chain Breaker we played a game which I gave the same name. We tossed and passed a 15 pound slam ball around the circle, using various passing methods. Each time the ball got dropped we did a Merkin, adding an additional with each drop. IE: when we dropped it the 10th time, we did 10 merkins.
4) Pump Jack for the length of Skillet Circus for a Psycho.
5) Straight arm hold coupon out front. Count around the circle, rest, repeat. For added enjoyment, we mixed in a squat as we counted off.
I'm the middle of our workout we stopped what we were doing, paused the music, and spent a moment to intentionally pay for @Fertile Myrtle in the minutes before his meeting.
Thang 2
Partner work for Valentine's weekend! :two_hearts:
1) A) 10x Coupon Merkin B) Curls *switch
2) 10x Plank Jacks together
3) Sitting back to back, transfer coupon around your bodies 10 revolutions in each direction
4) Overhead hold to the 6
Repeat 3 times (QIC struggled with instructions, only repeated 2 times)
Thang 3
More Chain Breaker
-Chest passes, skull throwers, long snappers, overhead toss, punt receptions, teeth checks, ball vs ball crime, squat toss, and more.
-Made it to drop number 9 before reaching time limit.
@Kwame has the Q for #the-armory tomorrow. Go show your skills at the F3 Kwambine!
Cannonball run is just 3 weeks away on Saturday March 6! Going to be a huge CSAUP to celebrate the one year anniversary of Ft Pain!
Prayer Requests
@Pancreas neck & back concerns
@Sully traveling & training today
Praying for comfort and healing for so many injured PAX
Prayers for PAX dealing with varying job situations
@sweatypalms wife had knee replacement surgery, pray for safe travels and recovery
Last night I felt led to discuss the Zack Williams song, Chain Breaker. I shared a little piece of my personal background and my journey toward the person I am today. With that song in mind, I shared that we don't have to be bound by the chains in our lives. We need to let go of those and let Jesus be our Chain Breaker. But additionally, I encouraged the HIM to identify those chains in our own lives and be intentional to open up about them, to find others to support us when we need help breaking our chains. The chains can be broken, we don't have to be bound by them any longer. And chains are much more likely to break if we have other men helping us break them.
Thank you all for the trust and allowing me to share a small bit today. Pictures to follow in replies.

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