Muscle Beach – 11.26.21

Black Friday
PAX: @OPIE @2Buck @Wiggums @Fuller @layaway @coldcase @Jalisco @Soul Glo (YHC)
QiC: @Soul Glo
Thang 1:
Tire slams
Tire flips
Swing derkins
Front squats with 60# sandbag
Coupon step-ups
Swing derkins
Single leg coupon deadlifts
Repeat for 2 rounds
Thang 2:
Tire slams
Tire flips
Swing hamstring/glute bridges
Coupon squats
Swing derkins
Repeat for 2 rounds
Finished with Mary until time
Check #_announcements channel
Columbia Christmas parade
Christmas gifts for foster kids
Open house week starts Monday
Prayer requests:
@Jalisco's brother and sister and their relationship with each other
PAX and families travelling this weekend
Anyone struggling with family dynamics during the holidays
Yesterday was Thanksgiving, one of the things I am most thankful for this year is F3. It has brought so much life to me and helped me accelerate in all 3 Fs. I am thankful for that first Monday of open house week when I showed up to a monsoon for #ao-murphmonday. I am thankful for @Three’s Company, @Operation, @Pancreas, @Hot Mic (Tribute), and @Heidi (1st F Q) and the other PAX that posted that morning. Thankful for @Baby Gap and @Christmas Underoos and @Billy Madison who were fellow FNGs that day. I can only speak for myself, but that morning changed my life. Thank you F3.
Soul out.

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