Muscle Beach – 10.29.21

These beefcakes showed up for some meathead work for 46 minutes today (@Soul Glo was a clock watcher toward the end so more time added)!@Jalisco @Reset @Night Light @Billy Madison @Heidi (1st F Q) @Pancreas @Paperboy @Veronica @Bubba Gump @Soul Glo @OPIE @Buckeye @Slow Pitch @Offsides @Commodore @Ünerdoose @Three’s Company @Joey Freshwater
Disclaimer – I was actually on task here for once thanks to @Blackout as I just read his thorough recital from his Fort Pain backblast this week. Much appreciated!
Willie Mays OYO
SSH as Pax to cadence – 20 or 30?
Cherry Pickers OYO
Merkins – 10 OYO
Something else
Partner up in two’s for stations. Pay attention to your form as well as your partner’s. PERFORMED FOR TWO PLUS SETS SO ALL PAX FEEL THE BURN IN BOTH WRISTS.
Timer Station – Plumber’s Carry: 2 HIMs walk the circle around playground one behind the other with a downward one hand grip on 3” slosh pipe (~40 lbs?). This station acts as timer for stations below. Once Plumber work is done, rotate to next station below with the last group (the Sand Fleas) taking over pipe work and the Plumbers moving to the first static station below and so on yada yada yada.
Static Stations:
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Endorphins
  • Burpee to pull ups
  • Coupon Merkins (The Night Light Special)
  • Dumbbell burpee dead lifts
  • Beach burpees (in the kids’ sand box tonka truck tetanus farm area). This is the last station, rotates to beginning (plumber carry).
The purpose of the Thang was twofold:1) Put those wrists through the wringer and work on grip strength (something I’ve noticed as personally lacking lately).2) Illustrate that it is easy to cheat/take shortcuts when no one is looking. While watching partner form on static stations is  easy, the plumber at the back of the pipe at the timer station was unseen by his partner up front so could have just modified/made it easier. Life’s like that, full of shortcuts. But HIMs do it RIGHT! And that’s how character is built.
We made it through two plus rounds so great work men! Proud to call y’all friends.
COT Announcements –
  • Check slack for general updates. Note that the TN Tussle is quickly-approaching (11/6) and F3SH needs one more PAX to signup to complete the team or it ain’t happenin’ for us.
  • Head over to #community-outreach (or #f3springhillgeneral, can’t recall which but you’ll figure it out) and sign up for the meal train for @Heidi (1st F Q) and his M.
Prayer Requests:

  • @Heidi (1st F Q)’s M has surgery on Monday. Prayers and action in lifting up Heidi and family during this time.
  • @Chowdah – Community Outreach’s M – Continued prayers for lupus treatment and cure as well as relief from recently-diagnosed degenerative disc disease. Let us know how to help and put some action to this as a Pax @Chowdah – Community Outreach!
  • @Veronica and his M have recently lost a child due to miscarriage. Prayers for healing and perseverance here!!
Thanks for coming out guys. Until next time.

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