Muscle Beach – 1.15.2021

Dipstick's VQ back blast
9 PAX took a trip to the Muscle Beach Grand Prix this morning. In honor of this weekend's 24 hour race in Dubai, we did a lot of 24s. Your pit crew included @Operation @Chowdah @Lone Star @Fertile Myrtle @Foosball @Pancreas @Cosmo @3rdwheel and your crew chief for the morning… @Dipstick

Track conditions: cold and damp
Good Mornings
Side stretches -arms high
Windmill crossover stretch
Runner's stretch
24 Plank Jack's
5 Alarm Clocks
Thang 1 
24 Grip Rip & Roll
24 Gas Pump with coupon
24 Pump Jack rounds (complete with poor explanation of counting by QIC)
24 Tire Changes
Thang 2: (to the road)
Block Crawl to the road
“Breakdown” a Cusak variation to the gate and back.
Repeat Thang 1 & 2:
Finish with 24 overhead press and 24 coupon rows before heading back to pits with coupon extended in front.
Before a @Pancreas PreVac, we grabbed group pictures which was…ummm challenging. 
#the-ridge with @Cosmo on Q
#the-armory tomorrow with @Bogo on Q
Go Ruck Tough coming up 02APRIL
Happy birthday to Cosmo's unnamed 2.0
Prayer Requests:
Continued healing for Josh and pray for @Tiny Dancer and team who will be handling the case.
@Chowdah's sister in-law, she is interviewing for a much needed job and asked for prayer for her personal struggles.
@Foosball's boss dealing with medical concern, pray for healing.
@Fertile Myrtle and his M are sending their daughter off for Army basic training soon. Pray for peace for all of them. Thankful for her service!
@Hot Mic facial reaction
@2Buck headache
@Kwame illness
We also prayed for the missing PAX.

I used a visual activity to show how our perspective can be influenced. Discussion continued based around teachings from Tony Dungy and Dr. Tony Evans, as well as the recent story of forgiveness from Josh's situation.

“Perspective is never just what you see. Perspective is how you view what you see.”
-Dr. Tony Evans
Philippians 1:12-14
Paul wrote about using his difficult situation to share the good news of Christ with others.
Tony Dungy wrote about Paul's perspective in one day of his Uncommon daily devotional (I included a photo of that page)
I challenged myself and the other HIM to consider a godly perspective while looking at life's challenges and difficult circumstances.

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