Murph’ish Monday – 10.19.2020

8 HIM pushed back the gloom this morning and got stronger together.
@Three’s Company @Chowdah @Lone Star @Joey Freshwater @Tiny Dancer @Heidi @Dizzy Gillespie QiC Pancreas
General warm-up activities sans cherry pickers

In my best Dude Perfect trick shot intro, “Men, THIS is the Murphy Loredo!”
For time:

6 rounds
24 pull-ups
24 Merkins
24 squats
24 lunges
400 meter run

That’s 144 reps of each, including pull-ups. 44 more than a regular Murph!
YHC unknowingly misjudged the run distance, but at least we did MORE work than not enough. :muscle::skin-tone-3:

I finished the 6th run after y’all left, showing 2.21 miles on Strava. That equates to approximately 3890 meters. We were supposed to run 2400. Oops. #earlymorningmath

@Joey Freshwater and @Tiny Dancer were en fuego and finished a little after 6:15. The rest of us didn’t complete the full routine during the beatdown but everyone put in strong work despite the challenge. Great work!
@Heidi channeled Steven Tyler “my get up and go musta got up and went” and I agree. It was tough this morning. I struggled during the workout and have been tired today but it still is a sense of accomplishment to be out there with you brothers battling the gloom and preparing for our week.

Gauntlet on 10/31. Let’s get more HC’s and represent F3SH!
24-hr marathon on 11/13. Also more HC’s needed.
Put TurkeyPath on your calendars for Thanksgiving morning. Mini-CSAUP to offset our feasting.

@Tiny Dancer’s family, managing health and routines this week
@Kwame and family traveling home from MI today
@2Buck’s house to sell and God’s guidance for move to TN
Prayers for the PAX and our nation

I’m task-oriented and value being productive but I realize that I often don’t schedule time for my wife and daughters. I need to be more intentional about prioritizing time with them, connecting on an intimate level and SHOWING them how much I value them. I encourage you all to love and lead your families well this week.

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