Murph Monday – 9.21.2020

PAX: @Heidi @Rudolph @Three’s Company YHC (with ruck on the runs)

Fartsacks: @Joey Freshwater

Thang: the ususal

1 mile
20 sets of:
– 5 pull-ups
– 10 pushups
– 15 squats

1 mile

@Aladdin and @Foosball
Our country, the coming election and Supreme Court drama (thanks to the PAX for putting up with my musings on this topic during the Cindy’s) I don’t take for granted that, no matter the views, we can have discourse without unnecessary strife.

We’ve spent September REGRESSING at Murph Monday. The numbers are down, some of those who show up do things other than a Murph, and I’ve even stopped timing myself. Those of us who are healthy can do better!
I firmly believe that posting on a Monday is pivotal to optimize your workweek. It sets the tone, and you start out the week ahead of the game in terms of your weekly post tally. Plus, you’re attempting a workout that is impossible for most of Spring Hill. Consider this your gut check (for me too)! If you can’t do a murph, I encourage you to still post and do what you can! It’s 100% body weight exercises, so you’ll get there with enough reps! (I improved from once only being able to do only 2 pull-ups). It can be done.

Let’s get those numbers up for next week! Crush Monday, gents!

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