Murph Monday – 8.31.20

PAX: @Joey Freshwater @Heidi YHC

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
All partitioned, all without ruck

Top finishers
@Joey Freshwater
Announcements: double murph on Labor Day at Evans Park
Prayers: our 2.0’s
@Heidi reminded us all to be vigilant with our kids. Make no mistake about it, the enemy wants to pull them away from God any way he can – be it through school, friends, media, etc. We need to be sure we are always leading by example and staying in the Word and prayer to keep ourselves and our children on Christ’s vine. For inspiration, consider St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, who pretty much became a saint just for raising and praying for her son. She raised her son Christian, but he left the faith when he came of age. She prayed and fasted for him for 17 years, even following around. St. Augustine eventually came back to the faith and became one of the most influential men in Church history. 
Have a great week!

TD out

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