Murph Monday – 6.07.21

22 PAX @Jalisco @Tiny Dancer @Sully @Three’s Company @Fertile Myrtle @Joey Freshwater @Foosball @Circus Ole @Singlet @Dizzy Gillespie @Soul Glo @Blue Buffalo @MapQuest @fancyfeast @Soul Surfer @Night Light @Blackout @Peewee @Billy Madison @Baby Gap @Offsides @Hot Mic made the hard choice to get out of bet and challenge their bodies to do something most will never have the mindset to make happen.

 BACs, SSH in cadence, Willie Mase Hayes, Merkins

Thang 1: D-Day Commemoration – inspired by @Cosmo  
 -200 – From High Plank move to low plank back to high plank equal for 1 rep.
-Run two laps around Senior Center.
-Break up remining reps of 100 pull-ups and 300 air squats as you see fit. Once 50% through         run two more laps.
-Complete remaining reps
-1 Mile run
 -Family of Man who died at Center Hill Lake two Saturdays ago will be having a fund raiser to provide for his wife and young kids left behind. More details to follow. Please add to this if I missed something or do not quite have this right.
-2F at Jonathan’s this Thursday for lunch at 12 PM.
-Last Monday of June @Three’s Company will be leading Murph Monday at will be running the Marine Corps PFT. For those that were here at the beginning of the year you have a baseline to reference to look back on to see improvement.

Prayer Request:
@Soul Surfer – His wife’s Boss Ben in going through Chemo. Pray for him and his family during this time.
@Foosball – Long time VP is leaving the company which is creating some turbulence…again. Pray for him and company to navigate this well.
@Tiny Dancer – Has an opportunity before him that he is beginning the interview process this week.

Mole Skin:
Thinking back on D-Day, when the first wave hit the beach it is estimated between 85 and 95% of men never made it. They faced significantly more opposition than what was anticipated. Just making to the beach was hard. Making it to the rock wall was hard.
The best laid plans can quickly be derailed and a persons world turned upside down. It is not a matter of if, it is really a matter of when. While it may seem that obstacles are insurmountable they are not. And as men, let’s look for those that are struggling. For those that are struggling please don’t be silent.
As always, thankyou for giving me the opportunity to serve you this morning.
Hot Mic Out

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