Murph Monday – 5.10.21

23 PAX looking to be better today than they were yesterday showed up for Murph Monday at Evans park. For the newbies from Open House Week I shared the story behind “The Murph” a CrossFit Hero workout. Michael Murphy was Seal Team communications specialist the workout is named after intentionally sacrificing his life in an attempt to save the rest of his team.
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While today was a traditional Murph I wanted the PAX to intentionally focus on proper form squat depth. This was accomplished with the use of a Cinder Block coupon where proper depth was achieved once the six touched the top of the block. The majority of PAX took up the challenge and commented how much harder it made the workout. We were also challenged to drop to full depth on the pushup and extend till arms were locked out. This didn’t get quite the intention as the squats so we have something to work on next time.

The Only Thang:
Run 1 Mile
100 pull ups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats
Run 1 Mile

Thank you to @Peewee for running out to pick up the 6 before we circled up.

·       F3 Franklin has a new AO beginning Wednesday at 5:30 AM this week at Legacy Middle School on Henpeck Ln. @Pancrease will be heading up to join and support them in this effort. Anyone up for a clown car ride is welcome to join him in this adventure.
·       Murfreesboro is launching a Saturday AO on May 15th. When F3 Spring Hill started up PAX from Franklin and Nolensville were instrumental in the launch being successful. It would be great if a good number from Spring Hill could plan a Saturday or two over the next 4 to 6 weeks to go out and support them in their effort.
·       Memorial weekend Monday Nolensville is hosting an area wide Murph. While Spring Hill will still run their own Murph Monday this is an opportunity to hang out with some other area PAX for any that can head up. I am not sure of the time but I am sure that info will follow.
·       THE WELL OUTREACH MINISTRY is having their largest fundraising event of the year this Friday with the Casting Crown Concert. They have requested help from F3 Spring Hill and are counting on us to help set up for the concert. If you have availability reach out to @Chowder for more info. Those that help will also get two tickets to the concert.
·       This Friday – Q Source Beacon Hill at the Hall of Justice @ 5:15. This time I will be on time.
·       @Tiajuania is on Q for #Uprising tomorrow. Please head over to the channel to HC if you have not already done so.

Prayer Requests:
·       @Stag is doing better and feeling better but his body still has healing that needs to take place. Please pray that he can stay chill and let his body fully heal even though he feels he is able to get up and be more active, we don’t want a setback.
·       @Soul Surfer Brother is in better shape that Soul Surfer but complains all the time. He does not have a relationship with God, please pray for him that he can be a happier person and that God can reach his heart.
·       Pray for PAX that due to sickness, injury or taking a step back that we need to continue to pray for.

Mole Skin:
Today and during all of last week's Open House, it was all about INTENTION.  Michael Murphy intentionally sacrificed his life for his team. When we have something we are excited about it is easy for us to give that significant attention and be intentional in our actions to bring about the best outcome possible.
For many of us, we claim Jesus Christ as our Savior. That is the greatest gift we have been given and the greatest story we have to share with others. While F3 is important and provides so much of what we as men need it is not nearly as important as Christ’s call for us to share the love He has for us and all humanity.  What would happen if we were as intentional with sharing the good news of the gospel as we were with sharing the good news of F3.  F3 is easy to be excited about and share with others.  We may not feel as equipped or as brave to share with others this story even though it’s the greatest news we have.  Jesus does not ask us to have all the answers but he does ask us to share the message.  The truth is we don’t need to be equipped we just need to be faithful and do what he asks, God will take it from there.  Be INTENTIONAL today and throughout the week. Look for opportunities to share God’s love with someone you come in contact with and needs what you have.
Hot Mic Out!

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