Murph Monday – 5.03.21

16 HIM wandered into the Pavilion at Evans Park this morning to see if the weather apps were telling the truth. 4 FNGs!!
PAX: @MaryAnne, @Hot Mic, @Cross-Stitch, @Tiny Dancer, @Heidi, @Sully, @Operation, @Yo-Yo, @Ginsu, @Churro, @Pancreas, @Baby Gap (FNG), @Underroos (FNG), @Soul Glo (FNG), @Billy Madison (FNG), and QIC @Three’s Company

The lightning did pause when we got there. Some headed out to do the Murph, and some ran and then did a @Heidi led beatdown under the shelter. @Heidi already posted the Backblast for his portion, and the rest of us got some or all of the standard Murph in.

-open house week.  Black Ops beatdowns around Spring Hill. Saturday morning breakfast.

Prayer Requests:
@Soul Glo – Prayers as he is needing to find a car for his M
@Cross-Stitch – job interview at 3:00 today. Update- sounds like it went well!
@Tiny Dancer – prayers for a neighbor who had a car crash into their house right by the baby’s room. Praise that no one in the house was hurt.
Continue to lift up the family that @Dizzy Gillespie had us praying for where a suicide was involved.

A pastor was talking to one of two brothers. Their father was a full blown alcoholic and died several years ago. This brother spent his entire life helping people fight alcohol addiction, and started organizations that helped families deal with alcohol and substance abuse.  The preacher asked him why he lived this way. The brother answered “With a father like mine, what choice did I have?”
The pastor met with the other brother. This brother was in the hospital dying from health issues related to alcohol abuse. After talking with him, the preacher asked the brother why he lived this way.   The brother answered, “With a father like mine, what choice did I have?”
We all have a choice in how we handle trials that come our way.  We can choose to blame our circumstances and allow ourselves to go down a path that leads to destruction, or we can rise up and face our challenges and make a positive impact to those around us as a result of those struggles. Love that I have my bros in F3 to help keep me on the right path!
A great Monday with 8 FNGs (and counting with Canterbury Backblast still to come) –  3’s OUT

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