Murph Monday – 4.5.21

17 PAX in various conditions after a long but glorious weekend of sacrifice and worship, gathered in perfect gloom weather for A Morning with The Queen. Playlist included works by Queen, Queensryche, Queens of the Stone Age, and various tracks including Queen in the title. Some tasty throwbacks in there for us older fellas.
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…pre-thanks to all the PAX for the prayers for me as I struggle with sleep, huge appreciation!!!
Runners Stretch OYO
Phelps OYO
Good mornings x5
Queen’s Murph
Mile (for most of the PAX) @Operation and @Fertile Myrtle Mertile joined YHC for a couple coupon speed walk trips up and down the hills behind the playground, and @Joey Freshwater worked hard on his killer biceps
Back a the playground the action was varied, as some tackled the traditional 100/200/300 project.
YHC opted for some Coupon Love as did a handful of others. Saw lots of great work all around
*3×20 Weighted Dips/Coupon Merkins/Coupon Thrusters
*3×20 Coupon Rows/Prone Presses with Elevated Feet/Prone Overhead Holds with Elevated Feet
*3×20 Coupon Clean & Thrust/Elevated WW1/Flutter Kicks with Elevated Coupon
At 10 Minute call some of the first round chumps went back for more, others opted to continue playground antics
Circled up at 6:10 for some Mary time with J-Fresh inspired 20 Hammers IC (kind of) followed by OYO 20 Flutter Kicks and 10 WW1
Time called exactly as Another One Bites the Dust hit the playlist (may or may not have been planned)
But….WAIT….@Pancreas and @Fertile Myrtle were still at “Congratulations Turn”… Q missed that 2 PAX were not in the Mary circle, so we all looped around to pick up the 6.
Time (for real this time)
Another Q bites the dust….
@Dizzy Gillespie F3 Dad’s Day @ Ft Pain
@Ginsu is organizing a group of folks to help a single mom move this Saturday, reach out to him for details
@Cosmo needs a hand Thursday Evening to help move some furniture back into the house after the remodel
@Cosmo pt.2 start thinking about the 9/11 Tuff (or Light) upcoming on Sept 10th
Upcoming on 4/17 is the Nolensville csaup Gauntlet, there will still be Armory for F3SH PAX who don’t post at Gauntlet, more details coming from @Pancreas
Safety reminder about reflective gear……don’t have it? Get it!!
**Beacon Hill this Friday @ 5:15 at the Hall of Justice, friendly reminder no Muscle Beach
Prayer & Praise
@Dipstick Dad in OR has a positive Covid test, the challenges in communication are making that tougher, prayers for healing both the men and the relationship
Deep and diligent prayer for all the HIM starting the Queen today, you will need the Lord in your quiet moments, call on Him
@Hot Mic continued prayers for his family, especially for Keenan and his challenges
@Hot Mic praise for improvement in health
Huge praise for the success of @Foosball @Cosmo @Ginsu @Bogo @Frisbee Buff @Lone Star @Tiny Dancer at the Tuff event. Based on the Backblast, more than T-Claps are deserved. Way to set the standard for the rest of us!
I have always been the big kid, the heavy kid, the largest member of the group (this one included). Much of this goes back to early childhood when I learned how to NOT manage portion control and healthy choices. My parents never allowed me to eat sugary cereal and always drank diet soda, but that was a cover for myriad other issues in the food universe of my youth. My size and strength were something to be awed in my early youth. I was always the winning anchor in tug-of-war and bested everyone in the classic gym game of Pull-Over. But around 4th grade, when most kids learn how to be mean, it turned me into a target, and serious self-esteem issues arose from the constant abuse I took from peers about my weight. It turned me into an attitude case, and before long I was headed down long, rough roads of anger and loneliness.
In Queen (Q1.3), Dancing Idiot talks extensively about not being able to out King your Queen. A “cruel, self-generated hoax” he calls it. He also talks about portion control and accountability as the other foundations in mastery of the Queen. For me, this spoke directly to me and my struggles. I have major issues with self (portion) control and with food accountability, and that’s why I topped 310 pounds just before joining F3. I’ve made so many ‘stabs’ at weight loss through countless “programs” or strategies…low carb, high protein, pseudo-Keto, cut sweets, intermittent fasting, drinking cessation, heavy cardio, walking only, full on gym work…you name it, I’ve tried it. News flash, none of it worked. WHY? I’ve asked myself the same question through failure after failure. It’s exhausted me to the point of quitting.
The answer I have found is baked into a highly complex reality that there is no right ANSWER, but there is a right APPROACH. And that approach begins and ends with making incremental decisions that serve your best interest and that of our Lord. He desires for us to honor Him with our words, minds and our actions. Not big sweeping gestures, but in the mundane, quiet moments where we find the confluence of joy and obedience. In the context of F3, God desires for us take the DRP, to honor the King, to serve the Queen, and to conquer the Jester. There is immense joy in these acts, as well as immense sacrifice. But make no mistake, sacrifice in the form of self-denial will absolutely NEVER EVER EVER work over a long time horizon. Instead, we need to embrace our sacrificial decisions as self-awareness and a deep, Christ-centered comprehension that honoring Him, consistently and repetitively, in these ceaseless quiet moments is the APPROACH that works.
Some of our fellow PAX are taking on the Queen 2 starting today. I offer up my earnest prayer for your individual and collective success. The urge to quit, give up or make ‘non-program friendly’ decisions will meet you many times. Use those moments to lean into the Holy Spirit and your self-awareness even deeper, much the same way we do when we fast. He will sustain you when you cannot.
And for the rest of us, challenge yourself to adopt a Queen strategy of your own during this 6 week period. The diet program isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. What IS for everyone is making the right decisions, in the moment, self-aware and righteous. I am personally committing to tracking all of my calories and exercise on the MyFitnessPal app every day and reporting my successes (and failures) to my Shield Lock.
We are not our pasts, no matter what they may contain. We can all be redeemed. I work on that every day. And this next 6 weeks will continue that work. Who’s with me?!?!
@odouls out

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